Stu Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Returns
Artwork from Donkey Kong Country Returns

Residence Ruins Area
Species Bird
Gender Male

Powers/Abilities Throwing an unlimited amount of bombs
Enemies Kongs

Games Donkey Kong Country Returns

Stu is a large, red bird that lives in a golden cauldron filled with bombs (which keeps him clothed) and is the third boss of Donkey Kong Country Returns found in the third world, the Ruins area. Gong-Oh hatches and then hypnotizes him, causing him to attack the apes. He is eventually defeated, allowing Donkey Kong to send Gong-Oh flying out of the Ruins.


Stu is fought in a large square room, with some platforms on the bottom. He flies around at the top of the screen, throwing bombs and Tiki Pops down towards DK and Diddy, occasionally diving down and trying to hit them. Both of the Kongs must pick up and throw bombs back at the bird in order to defeat him. Once he is defeated, a cutscene shows the cauldron breaking apart and revealing a pink, bulbous body as Donkey and Diddy turn away and continue on with beating on Gong-Oh.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii U

Stu appears as a trophy.

Trophy Information

NA: In the Ruins area, Gong Tiki puts a mysterious egg into a golden cauldron and then jumps in after it. Five seconds later, the newly hatched chick breaks holes for its wings and legs and takes to the air. When Stu chucks bombs from his cauldron, pick them up and return the explosives to him. It's only fair, right?

PAL: Deep within ancient ruins, Tiki shaman Gong Oh drops an egg into a golden cauldron, and magically causes it to hatch. Out of the egg pops Stu, his wings and talons busting through the cauldron. He's got bombs in there, and he loves to throw them. Chuck them back at him before they explode!


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