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Map.gif Strawberry Kingdom Map.gif
Strawberry Kingdom.png
Boss(es) Mo-Hog
Game(s) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

The Strawberry Kingdom is the fifth kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. The kingdom is located on top of large trees in the canopy layer. The Strawberry Kingdom can be accessed by completing the Banana, Orange, Watermelon, and Apple Kingdoms and collecting six or more Crests. The Strawberry Kingdom is the location of Mo-Hog.


Helibird Nest

Helibird Nest is the first stage of the Strawberry Kingdom. The stage takes place in a rainforest with many tall trees and vines. Donkey Kong meets his third new Animal Buddy, Helibird in this stage. Before completing the stage, Donkey Kong had defeat a large Zinger.

Spirit Tree

Spirit Tree is the final stage of the Strawberry Kingdom. Donkey Kong has climb up the Spirit Tree, which is a tree as tall as a mountain.