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ExitIsNearSign Stormy Shore ExitSign
World(s) Beach
Type Beach
Music Theme(s) Stormy Shore
Animal Buddies None
Bonus Room(s) 1
Puzzle Pieces 5
Notable Feature(s) Squiddicus appears in this level and makes it tricky for Donkey and Diddy Kong. The octopus destroys floating platforms and attacks the Kongs with tentacles.
Enemies Encountered Pinchlies, Snaps, Jellybobs, Squidlies, Squiddicus
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (2013)

Stormy Shore is the thirteenth level in the games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, as well as the fifth level in the Beach world of Donkey Kong Island. It is preceded by Cannon Cluster and followed by Blowhole Bound. In the Time Attack mode of the game, a time of 1:11:00 is needed to get a gold medal, a time of 1:26:00 for silver, and a time of 2:00:00 for bronze.


The first part of the level is normal, until Squiddicus appears. The octopus is the main antagonist for the rest of the level. It first appears in the background sinking a ship, but then the creature notices Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in the foreground. It then does everything in its power to stop them from reaching the goal.


Start going right into the cave. Jump over the Jellybobs and you will eventually reach a grassy wall. Climb upward crossing over to the left side of the wall to collect the letter "K". Keep climbing on the left to collect the first Puzzle Piece at the top and then three Banana Coins going down on the other side. Go back to the right and this time jump to the right side of the level. Go past the DK Barrel and pound on the flat stone platform on the floor (you can see a hole right below it) to be sent into an area below. Move right into the Bonus Room. In the room, use the platforms to collect all eighty bananas, two Banana Coins and an Extra Life Balloon within thirty seconds and reveal the second Puzzle Piece.

After the Bonus Room, you will be transported right before the checkpoint. Go past the Tutorial Pig's checkpoint and a Pinchly, and onto the raised stone platform to the right. Jump back to the left to collect the letter "O" in the air. Move right watching Squiddicus destroy a ship in the background. Jump across some floating platforms and later use the Squidlies to bounce and collect an Extra Life Balloon. Jump into the barrel cannon in the water. Shoot the barrel when it points straight up and at the top of the wave. You will shoot into the third Puzzle Piece. Fall back down into the barrel cannon and then shoot when it is facing the right.

Pound on the wooden peg to reveal another one and the fourth Puzzle Piece and then move to the right quickly jumping past some Snaps and across small platforms. Squiddicus will eventually destroy some platforms after the Kongs step on them, so they must not stay for too long on the same platform. Jump onto the top of the floating ship part with a mast to collect the letter "N". Continue moving right across more small and floating platforms. In the cave, while avoiding Squiddicus' tentacles, jump onto the grassy wall and climb upward. At the top, ground-pound close by the treasure chest to reveal the fifth and final Puzzle Piece. Jump right down the platforms avoiding the tentacles once again.

Jump onto the grassy wall to the right and move down slowly. Jump to the left or right when there is a tentacle blocking the path downward. Grab the wooden barrel and use it to hit the hanging bag in the middle of the two treasure chests. This will reveal a treasure chest with many bananas and Banana Coins.

Jump onto the grassy ceiling. Move right avoiding more tentacles on the way. Jump onto the floating ship parts moving right. You will soon reach Squiddicus and a grassy turf under another floating ship part. Use it to travel past the octopus avoiding Squiddicus' tentacles once again. After the checkpoint, jump and bounce off the Squidlies to reach the letter "G". Keep jumping across the floating platforms and into a barrel cannon. Shoot into the Slot Machine Barrel to finish the level before Squiddicus' tentacle gets you.



  • Hearts: 2
  • DK Barrels: 2
  • Banana Coins: 16 (counts 2 in the Bonus Room, does not count three or more consecutive jumps on enemies)
  • Extra Life Balloons: 3 (counts 1 in the Bonus Room, does not count eight or more consecutive jumps on enemies)

K-O-N-G Letters[]

  • K: At the top of the first wall with grassy turf, the Kongs must jump to next one to the left and collect the letter "K".
  • O: The letter "O" is floating in the air just past the Tutorial Pig's first checkpoint. Jump left to reach it from the raised stone ledge on the right.
  • N: After the fourth Puzzle Piece, the letter "N" is on top of the large and floating platform of the ship part with a mast and over a Pinchly.
  • G: After the third checkpoint, bounce off Squidlies coming from the left side to reach the letter "G" above the screen.

Puzzle Pieces[]

  • 1: After the letter "K", climb up the second wall with grassy turf to the left to find the Puzzle Piece floating at the top.
  • 2: Ground-pound the stone slab near the first DK Barrel to drop into a small cave. Walk to the right and you will enter a Bonus Room. There, using the platforms, collect all eighty bananas, two Banana Coins and an Extra Life Balloon within thirty seconds to reveal a Puzzle Piece
  • 3: After the letter "O", go past some Squidlies and jump into the barrel cannon floating in the water. Shoot straight up out of the barrel cannon at the top of the wave to reach the Puzzle Piece.
  • 4: After the third Puzzle Piece and the first section of floating platforms, pound on the peg to reveal a new peg and the Puzzle Piece.
  • 5: After the second checkpoint while avoiding Squiddicus' tentacles, climb the grassy turf on the walls in the cave to go up. Ground-pound nearby the treasure chest at the top to reveal the final Puzzle Piece.


The puzzle of Stormy Shore is of a strawberry against a light green background. When all of the pieces are found, the Squiddicus artwork will be added to the Critters 1 Gallery of the Image Gallery in the Extras menu.

Time Attack Medals[]

  • Shiny Gold: 01:09.00
  • Gold: 01:11.00 (01:15.00 in the Japanese version)
  • Silver: 01:26.00 (01:30.00 in the Japanese version)
  • Bronze: 02:00.00 (02:10.00 in the Japanese version)