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ExitIsNearSign.png Stop & Go Station ExitSign.png
World(s) Monkey Mines
Type Mine Shaft
Music Theme(s) Misty Menace (in DKC for SFC/SNES and GBA),
Mine Cart Madness (in DKC for GBC)
Animal Buddies None
Bonus Room(s) 2
Notable Feature(s) It is the only stage to feature Stop & Go Barrels and the enemies Rockkrocs in the game.
Enemies Encountered Klaptraps, Rockkrocs
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country (for SFC/SNES) (1994)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country (for GBA) (2003)
Adjacent Stage(s) << Donkey Kong Country >>

Stop & Go Station is the fourth stage of the world Monkey Mines of the Donkey Kong Island, as well as the tenth stage overall in the game Donkey Kong Country. It is preceded by Bouncy Bonanza and followed by Millstone Mayhem.


Stop & Go Station is a very unique stage. It only features two different enemies, Klaptraps and Rockkrocs. The Rockkrocs make their only appearances in the entire game in this stage. Among the Rockkrocs are Stop & Go Barrels, which have an odd connection with them - by jumping on them, one can make them stop moving and curl up into rocks. The Rockkrocs are invincible otherwise (except in the Game Boy Advance version of the game). In order to get out successfully, one must rush through to get to the end before the Rockkrocs can awake. There is also a shortcut in which the player simply turns around at the start of the stage, going back through the entrance. The Kongs are dropped near the end of the stage, next to the "G" of the K-O-N-G Letters.



Collectables and Secrets

Special Barrels


  • Bananas: 2
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: In the air shortly after second Klaptrap
    • O: Found in the middle of a gap after the two Rockkrocs going upwards and a Klaptrap.
    • N: Found on a platform sticking out guarded by a Klaptrap
    • G: Right before the "EXIT" sign.
  • Expresso Animal Token: Found by jumping to the left of the platform moving up and down with a Rockkroc on it.
  • Winky Animal Token: Found in the second Bonus Room.


In the GBA version of the game, a photograph of a Rockkroc for the Scrapbook can be found inside a pit. It can be clearly seen when traversing through the stage and must be picked up by rolling into the pit and jumping before actually falling down it.

Bonus Rooms

  • The first Bonus Room can be entered by throwing a barrel at a wall to the right of the second Rockkroc after the Star Barrel.
  • The second Bonus Room can be reached by using a tire to reach the Autofire Barrel or Bonus Barrel (in the GBA version of the game).




  • In the Game Boy Color version of the game Donkey Kong Country, the music theme "Mine Cart Madness" plays instead of "Misty Menace" despite the fact this stage is not a Mine Cart stage, possibly due to system limitations. This also applies to the stages Misty Mine and Loopy Lights in the same game version.
  • Also in the GBC version of the game Donkey Kong Country, the lamps in the background between the pits of the stage have been removed and therefore the background is replaced with the background seen in the mine cart stages, such as Mine Cart Carnage and Misty Mine. Some walls have been removed between pits as well exposing the background. This also applies to the stage Loopy Lights in the same version, except for the walls remaining in the stage.
  • The pickaxe samples used in the music theme for this stage, as well as Misty Mine and Loopy Lights, were recycled for the theme Mining Melancholy used for the stages Kannon's Klaim, Squawks's Shaft and Windy Well only in the game Donkey Kong Country 2.