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The Stompybot 3000 is the seventh boss found in Donkey Kong Country Returns in the world Factory. It is rode by Colonel Pluck and is only encountered in the level Feather Fiend. It is also the penultimate boss of the game. It has two forms: Walker Form and Hover Form. The Walker Form is the form that is fought during the first half of the battle while its Hover Form is a legless version of the walker form the and the hover form has an added attack: a pod bay door that opens to drop robot chickens down on Donkey and Diddy Kong.


It has an egg-shaped body that is complete with a flamethrower, a spike-covered bottom (which flips to a weak spot which can be grabbed) and a gauge to show how many hits it can take before it overloads, egg-shaped joints and two legs that end with large, feet that have rocket boosters and talons in them.