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Title card for the episode.

Speed is the fourteenth episode of the Donkey Kong Country animated series, as well as the fourteenth episode of the first season.

Donkey Kong and Candy Kong are inside Donkey Kong's Treehouse. Candy is excited that Donkey Kong can finally spend the entire day with her, without any interruptions, as they are about to head out on a cruise. When DK states this, Candy believes him to be making a promise, and just as they are about to kiss, Cranky in hologram form shows up and demands that Donkey Kong head over to his cabin immediately. DK heads off, attempting to explain things to Candy, but failing, then stating he will be back soon, leaving her still mad at the tree house.

Meanwhile, King K. Rool is complaining about how General General Klump is late. Krusha suggests that this may be because he got "the big hand and the little hand on the clock mixed up," (as well as that he does). After a while, Klump arrives in a Mine Cart, and when Krusha stands in front of him to stop him, he runs into Klump. K. Rool wishes for a "full damage report," and Klump examines Krusha, but K. Rool states that he meant the mine cart. Klump then yells at Krusha that it was hard for him to find the cart, though Krusha retorts that it was apparently harder for him to control. Shocked that it was Krusha that had spoken to him just then, he and the king figure out that being hit by the mine cart resulted in an increase in his intelligence, K. Rool especially pleased with this outcome.

At Cranky's Cabin, Donkey Kong is disappointed to hear that the call to the cabin was really a false alarm. Cranky sends him out, reminding him that guarding the Crystal Coconut is his responsibility until the day he is made ruler of Kongo Bongo Island. Donkey Kong then heads off, asking Cranky to not send another false alarm.

In K. Rool's study, K. Rool and Krusha are busy plotting, the former excited to finally have someone intelligent to speak with. During this time, however, Krusha points out Klump, who is making shadow puppets. K. Rool ignores this, stating that Krusha would be smart enough to recognize "the sheer genius of his new plan," which involves the Candy Kong robot. Klump reminds K. Rool that the robot failed the last time it was deployed, but he assures him that the robot has been modified since. However, when she starts glitching by saying the same thing over, K. Rool hits her to fix it. He then states that his plan is to have the robot lead him around the island while he heads in to steal the Crystal Coconut, but Krusha states that his plan is not good enough to ensure total victory. Klump is mad at him, but K. Rool ensures him that he is merely "hypothesizing." They then leave, with K. Rool reminding Klump to get the clone.

Out in the forest, the plan has been set up; the Candy robot is inside a mine cart, prepared for the moment Donkey Kong shows up. Klump then shows up and states that Donkey Kong is nearly there, but Krusha assures him that everything is ready. After a brief examination of the mine cart, Klump notices something flashing attached to the back of the kart, though Krusha does not tell him what it is. They then hear something moving out in the forest, and hide before Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong show up. Diddy is surprised to see that Candy has taken a mine cart, and the robot repeats her programed phrase, offering them a ride. Dixie Kong is suspicious, noticing that she isn't acting normal, and Klump, worried that their plan will be ruined, runs out and scares them. They hop inside the mine cart, and head off with the robot. He tries to stop them, but fails. Klump does not know what he is going to tell the king, and Krusha suggests telling him the truth: that Klump ruined the plan. Disappointed, Krusha walks off, with Krusha stating that he "certainly [hasn't] botched [his]."

Donkey Kong is running back to Candy Kong, but is stopped when he sees Diddy and Dixie riding in the mine cart with the Candy robot, and is confused. However, the two young Kongs then notice that the robot is glitching again. Diddy then notes that there are no brakes, and the two scream as they continue along.

At K. Rool's lair, Klump has just told the king that he ruined his plan, and K. Rool is mad at him. He asks how he is going to obtain the Crystal Coconut now, but Krusha retorts that he isn't, and that he won't succeed in doing so. Krusha then explains that he added a bomb to the mine cart, stating that if it stops, the bomb detonates. Klump then reminds him that Diddy and Dixie are in the cart instead of Donkey Kong, but Krusha disregards this and heads off to collect "[his] coconut." K. Rool is enraged, but Krusha threatens him, and he nervously sends Klump to help him obtain the coconut.

Diddy and Dixie are still inside the mine cart. The still-glitched Candy robot is snagged by something, and is sent flying out of the cart, leaving only the two young Kongs. After she is gone, Dixie notices the bomb attached to the mine cart, not knowing what it is, but Diddy only wishes to stop the cart.

Meanwhile, Candy is walking through the forest, when she hears something. She turns, and is glad to see Donkey Kong land near her. DK is surprised. When Candy asks about the emergency, he sadly reports that nothing was wrong, and Candy is mad to have missed their cruise because of a false alarm. Donkey, however, believes that they can still make it, and asks if she is finished "joyriding with Diddy and Dixie." Candy is confused, but Donkey Kong doesn't care, since they are now together, and they are about to kiss when Cranky once again appears. He tells Cranky that one false alarm was enough, but Cranky explains that there are two Kremlings outside his door. Realizing that he really needs help, Donkey Kong runs off, leaving an angered Candy behind once more.

Back at the cabin, Klump and Krusha have already entered the cabin. Cranky states that they won't get the coconut, with Klump worried that Donkey Kong is going to show up, and he does exactly when Krusha predicts he will. Donkey Kong is about to stop them, but Krusha informs him that Dixie and Diddy are trapped in a non-stop mine cart. Donkey Kong is determined to help them, but Klump nervously states that if he does stop it, the bomb attached to the cart will explode. However, while Krusha is busy informing Klump that he had planned everything from the start, Donkey Kong grabs the coconut and runs off. Klump and Krusha then head after him.

Out in the forest, Donkey Kong is laying on the mine cart tracks. When Candy shows up and asks what he is doing, DK states that he is listening for the mine cart with Diddy and Dixie, informing her that they are in trouble. When Candy states that he is in trouble as well, and he attempts to apologize for everything, but Candy then states that she meant Diddy and Dixie's mine cart heading right for him. He is run over, with the coconut flying into Dixie's hands. After yelling for them to keep going, Candy asks why, and DK informs her of the bomb attached to the cart. He is then run over by Klump and Krusha, also in a mine cart.

Diddy and Dixie and Klump and Krusha head into a cave. Krusha demands the coconut, but Diddy and Dixie refuse them. Klump then informs them of the bomb on their mine cart; Diddy retorts, but Dixie tells him that he was serious. Outside, Donkey Kong and Candy Kong set off after them in their own mine cart. K. Rool, in the meantime, is sulking when Diddy and Dixie head into the lair with the coconut. K. Rool sets after them on foot, but is chased by the mine cart when it somehow turns around, and is run into. When he recovers, he finds himself inside the mine cart with them. He demands that they stop the mine cart, but then hears a beeping noise, and figures out that there is a bomb that will detonate if they stop. At this point, Donkey and Candy catch up to them; however, Dixie, who still has the Crystal Coconut, somehow ends up in the cart with DK and Candy; the cart with K. Rool and Diddy then heads down one of the alternating routes, while the other cart continues heading forward. However, Klump and Krusha then catch up to Donkey Kong, but he then loses them when they head down another path, with Klump and Krusha continuing forward. Krusha is disappointed by this, but Klump is concerned for K. Rool. Krusha, however, states that King K. Rool is expendable. However, when Klump turns around, he spots K. Rool and Diddy approaching from behind; Krusha is concerned about the bomb. At this point, the three Kremlings argue until Diddy tells them to stop; the Kremlings, however, reject his idea.

Meanwhile, DK, Candy, and Dixie exit the caverns. Dixie asks where they are going, and DK states that they are heading to Bluster Barrelworks. Dixie is confused, and is still concerned about Diddy; however, they assure him that the tracks lead out of the caverns at some point, with DK stating that he believes they will be ready. Needing to get rid of the Crystal Coconut, Donkey spots Cranky, and Dixie tosses him the coconut (with Cranky running on to the tracks and being run over). Having nearly arrived at the barrelworks, DK stops the cart. Dixie is still confused, but Candy assures her that DK knows what he is doing. He then runs off, taking Candy along with him.

In the caverns, Krusha and Klump switch tracks, while K. Rool and Diddy pass by them, K. Rool angered for having lost them. The mine cart then stops in the lair, and Krusha states that he has thought of a new plan to obtain the Crystal Coconut, destroy Donkey Kong and friends, and take over the world, as well as save K. Rool, per Klump's suggestion. However, before he can tell him the plan, he is run over by the mine cart with K. Rool and Diddy. When Klump asks him about the plan, he finds out that Krusha is dumb once again. Not lingering on this for too long, Klump and Krusha head off to save K. Rool.

Diddy and K. Rool's cart at this point heads out of the caverns. K. Rool notes that the cart is heading toward the beach, where the tracks end and where they will stop. However, above, the two see Donkey Kong and Candy Kong in Bluster's barrelcopter. The two save Diddy, leaving K. Rool inside the mine cart. Soon after, Klump and Krusha, tired from running, catch up to him. The mine cart pulls to a stop as soon as it hits the beach's sand, but the bomb does not detonate; Klump notes that it was a dud. K. Rool then insults Krusha, stating that, even though he was a genius, he couldn't make an exploding bomb, and the three leave. However, it is at this moment that the bomb explodes, which prompts them to turn around and realize how close they were to being blown to tiny bits.

Back at Donkey Kong's tree house, DK apologizes for not being able to spend any time with Candy without an interruption separating them. However, after Candy sings "Why'd I Have to Fall for a Hero?", she and DK look at the night sky as fireworks explode overhead.


I Like Evil

Why'd I Have to Fall for a Hero?