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Speak No Evil, Dude

"Speak No Evil, Dude" is the twenty-ninth episode of the Donkey Kong Country television series.

The episode begins with Cranky Kong giving vaccinations for the "Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo" disease. Cranky is observing a syringe full of a cure for a disease. Polly Roger is spying, he flies in and the syringe goes up Cranky's butt. Candy and Dixie Kong enter Cranky's Cabin are the first to receive the vaccine, the injection takes place on their butts (offscreen). Curiously, Candy asks what Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo disease is. In song, Cranky begins to explain the side effects of the disease, explaining how it gives victims a chill from head to toe and a runny nose. Candy and Dixie join in and explain more of its effects, and then eventually leave the Treehouse to find Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong. Diddy, not wanting a needle, is forced into the Treehouse by Donkey Kong. To avoiding getting the shot for the vaccine, Diddy holds two coconuts against his rump, tricking Cranky into thinking he gave the clever monkey a shot. Soon after however, Diddy is bitten by Polly Roger, the carrier of the Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo disease, who had entered the cabin earlier. After Donkey Kong is vaccinated, he and Diddy Kong leave the Treehouse and head into the jungle.

Meanwhile, King K. Rool is seen with Klump trying to remember a dream. King K. Rool, had dreamed about conquering the apes, but did not remember how he did so. During his frustration Polly Roger comes in to cause more trouble. At that time, Donkey and Diddy are swinging along vines in the jungle. After crashing into a tree, Donkey Kong finds Diddy laughing, not at Donkey Kong, but at himself. The young ape explains how he tricked Cranky to Donkey Kong, but then suddenly gets a chill. Diddy insists that he is fine, so Donkey Kong leaves him and heads over to Funky's Flights. Afterwards, Diddy Kong takes a shortcut over to Cranky's to see if he can find a way to recover.

On his way, Diddy notices Klump and Krusha traveling through the jungle. Frightened, he hides behind a nearby bush, which the two Kremlings stop in front of. King K. Rool speaks to Klump with his handheld transceiver, telling him that he has remembered how to conquer the apes. As the two Kremlings begin to run to their headquarters, Diddy Kong sneezes from behind the bush, which the enemies hear. To avoid being noticed, Diddy pretends to be the bushes. The Kremlings fall for this trick and exit with Diddy unnoticed.

After they are gone, Diddy goes to find Donkey Kong to warn him about the Kremlings. He finds him at Funky's Flights, along with Funky Kong. While trying to warn him. Diddy's voice becomes very raspy and is soon lost, due to the effects of the Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo disease. Because his voice is missing, Funky and Donkey have to play charades to find what he is saying. Donkey is unable to understand, but Funky understands the warning quite well. He and Donkey soon head over to the Banana Plantation by plane, as Funky believes the plantation is overrun.

Meanwhile, Klump and Krusha are seen again. Krusha is not feeling too well, as he had caught the Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo disease when Diddy sneezed on him. King K. Rool soon appears, along with Polly Roger. Excited, he announces that he remembers his dream about conquering the apes. While trying to finish his sentence, however, Krusha continually sneezes, angering K. Rool. Klump explains the situation to him, but right after, Krusha sneezes on K. Rool, spreading the Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo disease to him.

Later on, Cranky uses the last of his Tin Banana Tu bananas, which are needed to cure the Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo disease, on Bluster Kong. After Cranky announces that everyone is safe from the disease, Diddy enters, sneezing. While Cranky wonders what is wrong with Diddy, the young ape notices Donkey and Funky Kong on the Crystal Coconut. Cranky Kong is confused, as Diddy Kong had gotten his vaccination for Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo earlier, yet he has all the side effects the disease. However, Polly Roger explains the trick Diddy played on the old monkey, and how he, the carrier of the disease, bit him. Afterwards, Diddy steals a helicopter near the Treehouse and drives it over to Donkey and Funky. Cranky Kong, needing more Tin Banana Tu bananas to vaccinate Diddy, then uses his Crystal Coconut to find the whereabouts of Donkey Kong, transporting to his location as a hologram.

At that time, King K. Rool and several of his troops are found, ready to conquer the Kongs. However, King K. Rool, now infected with the Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo disease, begins to get a chill, and eventually loses his voice. Klump tries to find what he is saying, but misinterprets, thinking K. Rool wants to blow up the island. Before K. Rool can object, Klump leads the troops out, leaving King K. Rool not knowing what to do. Polly Roger spectates the incident, and then heads over to the Banana Plantation.

Meanwhile, Diddy Kong flies into the Banana Plantation where Donkey and Funky Kong are. Again, he tries to explain a problem to the two, but can not be understood. Polly Roger comes in, however, and tells the apes that Diddy is trying to tell them that K. Rool is going to blow up the island. Donkey and Funky head over to stop K. Rool, but are interrupted by Cranky's hologram, who explains the consequence of not curing Diddy's disease. Because he does not have any vaccine, he tells Donkey Kong to travel to the White Mountains in search for the rare Tin Banana Tu. However, Donkey Kong needs to stop King K. Rool from destroying the island, and does not have time to find the vaccine, though he does want to save Diddy. Donkey Kong decides to do both tasks, and quickly uses Funky's helicopter to find the Tin Banana Tu.

Later on, the Kremlings set up many TNT Barrels to destroy the island. Cranky shows up just in time and speaks to Klump. With an explanation from Cranky, Klump learns that he will blow up himself and the other Kremlings if he blows up the entire island. However, Klump is unable to call off the operation, so Cranky heads to King K. Rool.

Donkey and Funky in their helicopter soon make their way to the Tin Banana Tu Plantation and find a single Tin Banana Tu growing on a nearby tree. The banana is stolen by Polly Roger, however, and the bird flies away. The two apes chase him to King K. Rool, where Polly Roger is seen pestering the reptile, flying around him with the Tin Banana Tu. The parrot decides to give the banana to the person with the best offer. K. Rool offers a safe full of crackers for Polly, while Donkey Kong offers his tie collection. Polly Roger takes K. Rool's offer, but before he can give him the banana, Cranky Kong appears, frightening the parrot. This causes him to drop the Tin Banana Tu, making it land in the hands of Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong is about to leave and save Diddy, but Polly Roger reminds him about how King K. Rool is going to blow up the island. Thinking up a plan, DK gives K. Rool the banana, allowing the crocodile to call off the operation, to save the island.

After King K. Rool calls off the operation, Donkey Kong swings though the jungle to find the Treehouse. He soon makes his way to Diddy and picks up the two coconuts that were mistakenly vaccinated at the beginning of the episode. Feeding Diddy the inside of the coconut, the young ape becomes cured. Afterwards, Donkey Kong throws the coconut into the air, causing it to land on Krusha. After eating the fruit, Krusha is also cured, ridding the Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo disease.


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