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Sour Dodos

DK and Dixie with two Sour Dodos.

Sour Dodo is an enemy in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It's a inhabitant of Lost Mangroves and an alternate version of the Dozies.


A Sour Dodo is likely a Dozy with the assemblance, only the Sour Dodo is a blue-feathered bird with purple skin under its eyes and it has purple-webbed feet. And, the Sour Dodo wears a red livesaver around its neck.

Game Appearance and Strategy[]

A Sour Dodo acts like a Dozy when roaming around the magroves. But when it spots a Kong, it angers itself and charges faster in pursue. They can be defeated easily like the Dozies with a single jump or a roll attack, or a barrel.