Snide from Donkey Kong 64

Residence Snide's HQ
Family Latibeaudiere
Species Weasel
Gender Male

Snide is a weasel and former member of the Kremling Krew before he was kicked out prior to the events of Donkey Kong 64.


Snide is an orange weasel with light tan parts around his cheeks, snout and jaw, as well as his underbelly, and blue eyes. He wears an open blue suit with rolled-up sleeves that reaches from his neck to his ankles, as well as to both wrists, polished black shoes, and a welding mask.


Snide used to be King K. Rool's chief technician, responsible for the creation of the Blast-O-Matic. After Snide completed construction of the Blast-O-Matic, K. Rool began to become increasingly convinced that Snide was going to betray him. At the height of this paranoia, K. Rool kicked him out of the Kremling Krew. After this, Snide is found in a high tech shack known as Snide's HQ.

Snide's HQ

The first time a Kong enters the building, Snide will explain his story, and inform the Kongs that he is out for revenge against K. Rool. He tells them that he'll help them to disable the Blast-O-Matic machine, but to do that, he'll need some of his original blueprints for the machine, which have been given to some of K. Rool's toughest henchmen. For each blueprint returned to Snide, the Kongs will earn a Golden Banana, and once all of the blueprints have been collected, the player will be able to play mini-games whenever they enter Snide's HQ.


  • One of Donkey Kong's blueprints
  • One of Diddy Kong's blueprints
  • One of Lanky Kong's blueprints
  • One of Tiny Kong's blueprints
  • One of Chunky Kong's blueprints
  • All the blueprints put together

There are 40 blueprints in the game, each one held by a Kasplat. Five Kasplats are found on each of the seven levels as well as DK Isles, each one having a blueprint for a different Kong to collect; once collected, the blueprint must be taken back to Snide's HQ to be exchanged for a Golden Banana. The most crucial use of these blueprints is to extend the time limit for disabling the Blast-O-Matic machine once and for all; once the Kongs enter the game's final level, Hideout Helm, K. Rool will activate the Blast-O-Matic machine to destroy DK Island. Snide's intervention will stall the machine from being successfully activated, but will not shut it down; as soon as the Kongs enter the level, a countdown will start, and if the timer hits zero, it's game over. The timer begins at 10 minutes, but every blueprint given to Snide will increase the time limit by one minute, making the maximum amount of time 50 minutes.


First meeting

  • "Greetings!"
  • "Snide's my name, revenge is my game!"
  • "Did you know K. Rool's been working on his Blast-O-Matic machine and intends to destroy to your island?"
  • "I was the chief technician on the project, but that double-crossing lizard kicked me off his team because he didn't trust me."
  • "I'll try to help you stop K. Rool's machine, but to you'll need to find me some of my original blueprints."
  • "I believe they were given to some of the King's toughest cronies, so be careful."
  • "For every blueprint you return, I'll give you one of those Golden Bananas K. Rool stole from your hoard."
  • "No blueprint, no banana."
  • "You never know, the might just buy you some valuable time."
  • "That's the deal, Kong."

First blueprint

  • "Ah splendid, Kong. I see you have my first blueprint."
  • "Here's one Golden Banana in return."


  • "This isn't a joke, Kong! I NEED those blueprints, and so do you!" (No blueprints)
  • "That's what we need, Kong. Another Golden Banana for you." (1 blueprint)
  • "That's the way to do it, Kong. 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 blueprints means 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 more Golden Bananas for you." (2-8 blueprints)
  • "Mission complete, Kong. Let's deal with K. Rool now, shall we?" (complete)

All blueprints collected

  • "Here's the deal, Kong."
  • "The blueprints you found have allowed me to block the Blast-O-Matic's firing sequence for 10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/29/30/31/32/33/34/35/36/37/38/39/40/41/42/43/44/45/46/47/48/49/50 minutes."
  • "You must locate and deactivate the machine in the main cavern."
  • "Hurry, or you won't have an island to go back to!"


  • Snide is the only weasel that was part of the Kremling Krew.
  • If a player never enters Snide's HQ before entering Hideout Helm, the animation of Snide addressing the Kongs with the amount of time he can buy them with the Blueprints they've provided will still come up.
  • Snide's HQ has the notability of appearing in eight of the nine areas of the game, absent only from Hideout Helm, and shares this trait only with Cranky's Lab.
  • You can also go to the glitch place by pressing the A and B button when you are in the Snide's HQ,
    Snide's HQ DK64

    Outside the Snide's HQ (Jungle Japes)

    at the minigame selection screen. When you are there, you can't save or quit so you have to reset the game to go back.
  • He resembles Professor Von Kripplespac, Don Weaso, the Weasel Guards, and the Wise Guys from Conker's Bad Fur Day, another 3D platform game by Rare, as they are all weasels.
  • The music for Snide's HQ resembles the main theme from The Pink Panther movies.
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