A Snaps screenshot found in Donkey Kong Country Returns
Full Name Snaps
Aliases Pinchleys
Residence Beach, Ruins, Cliff, and Mast Blast
Family Pinchley
Species Crab
Gender Male/Female

Powers/Abilities Pinching
Enemies Kong Family

Games Donkey Kong Country Returns

Snaps are orange crab-like enemies in Donkey Kong Country Returns. They make their first appearance in the first level of Beach, Poppin' Planks and reappear in most of the Beach levels. Additionally, they return in the Ruins level Mast Blast and the Cliff level Tippy Shippy. Snaps are known to come out of the sand attempting to kick and hurt the Kongs. They also can hurt the Kongs if either one comes into contact with a Snap while they are walking across the ground or if they walk in front of one. These crab-like enemies can be defeated easily by a simple jump on the head or having a barrel thrown at them. A stronger variant of them are Pinchleys.


  • The Snaps act similar to the Huckit Crabs from New Super Mario Bros Wii, but do not throw rocks.
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