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Skyscraper Caper is a stage in Donkey Kong Land in the world Big Ape City.


The first stage in Big Ape City has a DK Barrel at the beginning, surrounded by two ropes. Climb up these ropes to get a Banana Coin, as well as the K for the K-O-N-G letters, and 5 Bananas. Go past this point to find a Gnawty. After this, a tunnel will be found with 5 Bananas. After this are 3 ropes and 5 separate Bananas in a cane shape. There will be a Hogwash, as well as skinny platform followed by a Gnawty. After this is another rope, with 3 Bananas across a gap leading to another rope. There are 2 more of these, with 6 more Bananas in total. There is a Slippa at the end, on a medium-sized platform. After this is 3 more ropes, each going lower. Between the second and third is 3 more Bananas. A Kritter can be found after this, along with 3 more bouncing ones. After this is a rope that has 14 total Bananas, along with a Klaptrap at the top. Go past this to find 2 more ropes, followed by another Kritter. After this is a rope that goes down to a Zinger, along with 5 Bananas. After this is a shaft with a Extra Life Balloon. After this is 4 more ropes with Slippas That are going down them. After this is another shaft, with a slot afterwards. After this are 4 more ropes with Bananas at the bottom of them. They are all worth 5 Bananas. After this is another Slippa on a rope. Go up this rope to find another, with another Slippa, as well as 6 Bananas that are spread out by 2 each. After this is a platform with 2 Kritters and 2 Zingers at the end, with one near the top, and one at the bottom. Past this is another DK Barrel, and a Klump. After this are 3 platforms with 5 Bananas at the top of the third platform. A rope is after this with 1 Zinger. After this is 2 more ropes, and a Barrel Cannon, which leads to a bonus room with 2 Mincers, and the N in middle of them. Another DK Barrel can be found after this. After this are 3 more platforms with 2 more Zingers. A Launch Barrel can be found after this, which launches you up, and another Zinger can be found after this. Get past the Zinger and there will be 3 more ropes, as well as the G and 3 more Zingers. After this is another Hogwash, with 4 more ropes. Slippas can be found on the first 2 ropes. After this is the end of the level.