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Skittlers are small spider-like enemies who appear in Donkey Kong Country Returns. They only appear in

360px-Skittler DKCR

Unlockable artwork of a red Skittler.


A purple Skittler.

Forest levels and in the Golden Temple level Topsy Turvy. There are two different kinds of Skittler, one purple and one red. The purple one will remain swinging by a thread until hit. Once hit, unless by a Barrel, it will drop to the ground, get up, and chase you. Occasionally it is pre-placed on the ground. The red one will immediately lower from the top of the tree to the ground when you walk under its hidden spot. These ones will turn around to you if you jump over them and chase you the other way. The red ones will also often walk off edges, thus dying. Both kinds can be killed by all traditional means, including stomping, rolling, or barrel throwing. In the level Muncher Marathon, you will pass by many statues or symbols depicting spiders. Also in this level, any Skittlers remaining stationary will be presumably eaten alive by the fellow spider species.

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