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A purple Skittler as seen in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Skittlers are small spider-like enemies who appear in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. They appear in most of Forest world levels and the Cloud level Topsy Turvy. There are two kinds of Skittlers, purple and yellow. The purple type will remain hanging up and down, or swinging back and forward by a thread until hit. Once jumped on, it will drop to the ground, get up, and chase Donkey and Diddy Kong, with an irritated expression. The purple spider will need a second attack to be defeated. The yellow type will immediately descend from the top of the screen to the ground when the Kongs approach and pursue them restlessly, often walking off pits. Both kinds can be defeated by all traditional means, including bounce attacks and throwing barrels, but they are invincible to roll attacks when they are hanging by threads.


The Skittler appears to have four eyes, with two being smaller, and on the sides, while two more are in the middle of their face. They have two small fangs outside of their mouths, which also gives them a relaxed expression. They also have a red rhombus on their egg sacs, as well as a pattern of triangles below. Their legs can either be a light shade of purple or a shade of yellow, depending on the variant, as well as a deeper shade of purple or red for the tips of the legs.



  • Skittles may be the parent species of another spider species known as the Munchers, which are very ravenous when disrupted.
  • In the Forest level Muncher Marathon, the Kongs will pass by many wooden carvings depicting spiders. Presumably, these spider carvings depict Skittlers.
    • Also in the same level, any Skittlers remaining stationary will be presumably eaten alive by their fellow spider species, the Munchers. It is what happens in a spider's life cycle.[citation needed]