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ExitIsNearSign Simian Shimmy ExitSign
[[File:Simian Shimmy Bristles|300px]]
Dixie encountering a Bristles.
World(s) Great Ape Lakes
Type Tree
Music Theme(s)

Enemies Encountered Minkies, Sneeks, Buzzes
Game(s) Donkey Kong Land III

Simian Shimmy is the twenty third stage in Donkey Kong Land III and the fifth in Great Ape Lakes. It comes after Karbine Kaos and before Rockface Chase.

This stage also appears as a Time Attack stage in Donkey Kong Land III. For unknown reasons, this stage is referred to as "Tree" instead of its regular name. Shortcuts are needed to complete this stage in Time Attack mode.


This stage, like Minky Mischief and Redwood Rampage, takes place on trees and has pathways carved into trees with bark platforms found too. This stage also has Dixie and Kiddy walking on branches. There are also ropes needing to be climbed to reach higher elevations of the stage. This has Minkies, Sneeks and Buzzes as the threats in the stage. Unpredictable Barrel Cannons can be found leading to hidden areas with many secrets. There are also bananas shaped like arrows to lead the way through this mazy stage.