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Shroom Kritter
Mushroom Kremling
A Shroom Kritter's sprite from Donkey Kong 64.
Full Name Shoom Kritter
Homeland Crocodile Isle
Residence(s) Fungi Forest
Species Kremling
Sub-Species Kritter
Affiliates Kremling Krew
Powers/Abilities Tackle
Enemies Kong Family
Game(s) Donkey Kong 64
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64

Shroom Kritters only appear in Donkey Kong 64 as minor enemies in the Fungi Forest. Shroom Kritters are Kritters in mushroom costumes that look like normal mushrooms, except bigger. When you walk near one, they will pop out of the ground and, instead of punching the Kong, it will ram into him/her. Even given their size, they are one of the weakest enemies in the game.


  • Although they are Kritters, they are light blue. Kritters are usually green in other games.
  • It is unknown if they hide in costumes or real mushrooms; it seems more likely that the latter is the case.