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ExitIsNearSign Shoal Atoll ExitSign
World(s) Sea Breeze Cove
Music Theme(s) Aquatic Ambiance Returns
Animal Buddies None
Bonus Room(s) 1
Puzzle Pieces 5
Enemies Encountered Tuck Speedy Tucks Finley (blue and red) Gordo Fritz Puftup Mama Saw Yellow Snaggles
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Shaol Atoll is the second secret stage in Sea Breeze Cove from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.


This stage is different from the others and may be inspired by The Legend of Zelda as you must go through a maze to collect different keys. In fact, the final key looks strangely alike to a Boss Key.


The correct path (including Puzzle Pieces and K-O-N-G Letters) is:

Start of stage: (K and first Puzzle Piece): Go right to start the maze. Bop on the Tuck’s heads to grab the K. (The Tucks mentioned are the normal Tuck and the Speedy Tuck.) After this, use some correct jumping with Dixie to make it to a chest with some bananas. Collect all of them to nab the first Puzzle Piece. Jump into the water and go right to start the maze. You will find 5 Bananas before entering.

Red Chest Area: Go right into the upper right passage. You will find 2 Finleys and 4 Bananase at first, with 7 later and a Finley afterward. Continue onward to collect 7 more Bananas. Go upwards after this to go to the next area which is the Gold Snaggles Room

Golden Snaggles Room: (First Kong Barrel and O): Go into the upper left passage. There will also be a total of 26 Bananas and the O. There will be a Gold Snaggles here, so watch out.

Tunnel Room 1: Go downwards to get into an area with another pipe to get to the next area.

Red Key Room (Second Puzzle Piece): There's your first key! Go left to get into the first Bonus Stage. Collect all 100 Bananas and you will have the second Puzzle Piece. Go to where the jet stream goes into a passage.

Red Chest Room Part 2: Open the Red Chest to find the Green Key. Go through the bottom right passage. There I’ll be a Gordo if you approach from Tunnel Room 1, so be aware. Afterwards is another Gordo as well and a clam chest. go

Tunnel Room 2: There will be 6 Bananas in this room. Continue right.

Yellow Chest Room: Go through this area and go downwards. This area has the third Puzzle Piece that is located below you when you enter from Tunnel Room 2. It is located in a chest. There are 13 Bananas in this room. 2 normal ones, 1 bunch, and another bunch in the chest leading to the Green Chest Room.

Green Chest Room: Unlock the chest to get the Blue Key. This room has the N lined up with 8 Bananas and a Fritz.

Tunnel Room 3: This room has 24 Banana and has 3 Mama Saws. It leads to another room if you collect all 8 in the circle to the left.

Tunnel Room 4: This room has 6 Bananas. Continue left to get to the Blue Chest Room. It also has a bubble generator

Blue Chest Room: this room goes downward and has 14 Bananas that also unlock the 4th Puzzle Piece. It also has 3 Puftups and the Yellow Key.

Entrance Room Part 2: Upon leaving the Blue Key Room from the left, the entrance will have 2 red Finleys. Continue right.

Red Chest Room Part 3: This area will have 2 more red Finleys and 2 Puftups. Go to the downwards facing pipe at the end.

Tunnel Room 5: This area has 1 Puftup, a bubble generator, and 3 Bananas. Go right.

Yellow Chest Room Part 2: There will be a Gold Snaggles in this room. Unlock the Yellow Chest to get the Purple Key.

Purple Door Room: In the area where the End Barrel is will have 23 Bananas and the G. It also has 2 coins and the final Puzzle Piece to the right in a smaller chest.


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