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DKBB Shimmering Sea Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong racing on the Shimmering Sea course as seen in the game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast for Wii.

Shimmering Sea is the third course of the Sapphire Cup in the game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast for Nintendo Wii. It is the second seaside track, the first one being Salty Sea.

Course Description[]

The race starts out on a sandy path next to the water. This path has banana bunches and iron barrels. The player must continue on this path until they take a slight right turn, at which point they are hovering over the water. On this part of the path, there are a lot of barrels that the player must dodge.

Eventually, they will exit the water path and enter a grassy path that is full of bananas that can be collected. There are also a few balloons and barrels. After this path finishes, a sandy path appears again. There are some barrels that create a miniature wall with a small opening in the middle. When the player proceed, they will run into iron barrels and regular barrels that create another miniature wall.

Once they leave the sandy path, the player enters a water path that leads them underwater. This area has bananas, regular barrels, iron barrels, and some Chomps swimming on the course. Then, a path of bananas and barrels leads them up to the surface. The player can also choose to take a barrel cannon to get quickly to the surface, and reach a Style Barrel. Then, they will land on a path with bananas and barrels. This path will eventually lead the player to the finish line.

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