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Scruff Roc
Scruff Roc in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Homeland Orange Kingdom
Origin of Species Bird

Enemies Donkey Kong
Game(s) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Scruff Roc is a large vulture-like creature and the ruler of the Orange Kingdom. It's the first of the Roc bosses and is overall the second boss fight in the game, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.


Scruff Roc is a large, vulture-like bird that is mostly colored in yellow and green, with a little bit of red on its wings with a black egg in her three toed claws. In terms of size, she is two times larger than Donkey Kong.

Boss Fight[]

The battle takes place in a dessert-like Regine, Scruff Roc's main attack is flapping it's wings to blow away Donkey Kong, it can also send down three rows of sharp orange feathers at Donkey Kong, to defeat it, Donkey Kong must damage the egg that the Roc carries underneath it, the more damage it reserves, the more cracked up the egg will get, once it one-third of its HP, it gains a new attack were it can now send down sharp four orange feathers all the while blowing at Donkey Kong, making it harder to avoid it. Eventually, the egg will explode after all of its HP has been depleted, and Scruff Roc will explode as well.


  • As of today, it remains known why the egg is Scruff-Roc's (alongside its stronger siblings’') weak-point.