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A Schnautzel exhaling fire with its nostrils.

Schnautzel is a large sub-species of a boar which appears as an enemy in Autumn Heights, the second world of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.


Schnautzels appear as large boars a gradient body of yellow, red, and orange with fur. They also have giant nostrils which they use to dangerously blow fire out of their snouts. They have an angry and surprised expression. They have 2 teeth appearing to stick out underneath their top lip. They have 2 orange perky ears.

Game Appearance and Strategy

Schnautzels attack the Kongs by exhaling a trail of fireballs out of their snouts. Defeating a Schnautzel will take three hits when jumping or trying to roll into them, due to their size. However, they can be easily defeated by throwing a barrel or an enemy at them such as a Tuff Tuck or a Tuff Fluff.


  • The word Schnautzel is a portmanteau of two German words "Schnauze" (snout) and "Schniztel" (fried meat) making a reference to the enemy itself.