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Saxophone Slam is a move used by Tiny Kong that was introduced in Donkey Kong 64. This move can be earned when Tiny Kong visits Candy Kong. This move can be used by holding down the Z button on the back of the N64 controller and pressing C up. When the instrument is played on a Music pad; an event occurs. For example, when this move is used it may open doors or grant you Golden Bananas along with a few other things. This move can also destroy all of the enemies in sight (the player doesn't need a music pad to destroy all of the enemies in sight). If Tiny plays the Saxophone on the Saxophone pad while she is tiny then Squawks will appear and take her to places that she couldn't get to before. The Saxophone Slam uses up power, to recharge the power; Tiny Kong can recharge her Saxophone by touching a headphone set or talking to Candy Kong. The other Kongs use other instruments, besides the instrument; they do the same things as the Saxophone slam.