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Sassy Squatch
Sassy Squatch as seen in in DK: King of Swing

Residence(s) Ice World
Species Ice Creature

Powers/Abilities Super Strength and Floating Peg Generation
Enemies Kong Family
Game(s) DK: King of Swing

Sassy Squatch is a massive creature comprised of ice that serves as the boss of the Ice World in DK: King of Swing and the game’s penultimate boss that Donkey Kong must defeat in order to gain access to the game’s fifth and final world, the K. Kruizer III.

DK: King of Swing[]

Upon reaching the final level of the Ice World, Donkey Kong finds himself in a small area comprising of an ice floor, eight five-by-five blocks of floating pegs divided into two rows of four, and an ice ceiling that he is unable to break. However, after waiting several seconds, the screen begins to shake, signaling Donkey Kong to grab onto the floating pegs as Sassy Squatch breaks through the ends of the floor with his hands and grips onto the walls to the left and right of the area, resulting in the center portion of the floor collapsing as the beast reveals his icy face. After revealing himself and his health bar filling up, Sassy Squatch slams the side walls with his hands, causing the ice ceiling to shatter and revealing several floating pegs that Donkey Kong must climb up as the ice beast gives chase.

When Donkey Kong reaches the uppermost floating pegs, Sassy Squatch will stop pursuing him and will instead move his head left to right, occasionally slowing down to open his mouth. At this point, Donkey Kong has an opportunity to damage Sassy Squatch by throwing one of the two bombs present into his gapping maw, resulting in him swallowing it, losing a fifth of his health from the explosion, and spewing out numerous ice shards from his mouth that form floating pegs before chasing after Donkey Kong once more.

Sassy Squatch Fight

Donkey Kong Throwing a Bomb into Sassy Squatch's Mouth

This cycle of Sassy Squatch chasing Donkey Kong and the latter throwing a bomb into the former’s mouth must be repeated four more times, with Sassy Squatch becoming faster with each chase sequence.

After throwing a fifth bomb into Sassy Squatch’s mouth, the beast lets out one final roar of anguish as it falls offscreen, restoring the ice floor and rewarding Donkey Kong with a Gold DK Medal and access to the game’s final world, the K. Kruizer III.


  • Sassy Squatch’s name is derived from a combination of the word “sassy” (to be lively, bold, and full of spirit) and “sasquatch” (an alternative name for the cryptid Bigfoot).
  • Going off of the previous point, Sasquatch is very similar to another cryptid, the Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman, that lives in the Himalayan mountains, which Sassy Squatch bears a striking resemblance to.