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DKBB Salty Sea Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong racing on the Salty Sea course as seen in the game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast for Wii.

Salty Sea is the second course of the Topaz Cup in the game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast for Nintendo Wii. Like the other sea courses, a portion of it takes place underwater, but unlike the other courses, this one gives the player a chance to ride Enguarde the Swordfish.

Course Description[]

The race starts on a beach, where umbrellas create different paths for the player to take. Running into them will not hurt the player, they will merely bounce off the umbrellas. The track splits off as a rock arch cuts the track, and forms two different paths for the player to take. The track meets back up on the other side of the arch as it heads into a cave.

There is a Yellow Launcher Barrel right before the player enters the underwater portion that will blast them into the water. There is a row of barrels that can be smashed, and on the other side of them is Enguarde's Animal Crate. The crate will sometimes be moving, or it will stay still in one place. The player can choose to ride Enguarde or not whether they can catch the box.

The track slopes down into a trench that has a squid poking its tentacles into the track. The player can attack the tentacles to avoid being hit by them. The squid itself splits the track and the player must go around it to avoid being hit by it. The squid does not shoot anything to harm the player, it merely gets in the way and racers will be hurt if they run into it.

Right beyond the squid is the end of the ocean portion. The player must navigate trees that divide the track in different places. There is a Yellow Launcher Barrel that will be activated if the player flies over a panel, and they must jump into it to reach it. It will shoot the player through two other Barrel Cannons, along with some bananas and an item balloon. The player will end up a few feet away from the finish line. If the player does not get the barrel, they will go around the last part of the track and reach the finish line.

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