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Ruins is the third world of Donkey Kong Country Returns and its port, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D with seven levels and the boss in this world is Stu.
Map Ruins Map
Boss(es) Stu


This world is a group of an ruins and monuments, probably of a really ancient city. The look of the monuments and architecture in this ruins seems to be Aztec-like, suggesting that they are Aztec ruins. This theory is also comproved by the extreme presence of Quetzalcoatl (a serpent god venerated a lot by Aztecs).

These ruins have also a still-running waterway that can be seen well on Damp Dungeon stage, and an artificial waterfall which falls into the sea.

Being abandoned for centuries a lot of wildlife starts to live there, also rare extinct animals originary of the age of this ruins like Stilts. Also some animals have been put voluntarily by the Aztecs (or the eventually fallen civilization who created the ruins, whatever it was), in fact for example there is a ruin full of Toothberries and with statues of that creatures that comprove they're not wild random animals.

After the conquer of the Donkey Kong Island by the Tiki, they occupied also these ruins hypnotizing all beasts present there and putting Gong-Oh as ruler of the area.

The fallen civilitazion who built these ruins also hid a giant egg of a legendary ancient bird and a gold big cauldron which serves to hatch it. In the B-stage Ruined Roost the Tiki Gong-Oh takes the giant egg and put it in the cauldron (which has first filled by a lot of bombs), then he hypnotize it. The egg hatches and gives birth to the giant bird Stu, which serves the Tiki because of the hypnosis.

Adjacent worlds

Backwards: Beach

Forwards: Cave




  • In some levels of this world a statue of a smiling face can be seen really often on the ancient ruins. It looks like a lot the character King Dedede from Kirby's saga.(another Nintendo serie)
  • Despite the really high possibility that ruins are Aztecs, they can also belong to an ancient human (or animal) race inspired in part by Aztecs which lived in Donkey Kong Island.
  • In the first world of the game, the Jungle, there also other ruins really similar to the ones in the Ruins world. They were built for sure by the same civilitazion who built these.
  • It's possible that the Pirate Crab float in the Mast Blast stage approached to Ruins to reach them and searching-robbing some treasures.


Donkey Kong Country Returns OST - World Map ~ Ruins

Donkey Kong Country Returns OST - World Map ~ Ruins

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