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ExitIsNearSign Ropey Rampage ExitSign
Donkey and Diddy at the start of the stage.
World(s) Kongo Jungle
Type Jungle
Music Theme(s) Island Swing

Bonus Room(s) 2
Notable Feature(s) Takes place at night during a storm.
Enemies Encountered Armies, Zingers, Kritters
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country

Ropey Rampage is the second stage in Kongo Jungle and also the second stage in Donkey Kong Country. It comes after Jungle Hijinxs and before Reptile Rumble.


Ropey Rampage takes place in the Kongo Jungle at night during a tropical thunderstorm (just nighttime in the Game Boy Color version or a rainstorm in the Game Boy Advance version). Many of the obstacles in this stage include Kritters, wide gaps, ropes, and barrel cannons. The platforms consist of ground, venturing on trees and occasionally blasting inside of barrel cannons.

Once the player gets near the end of the stage, the thunderstorm ceases and the sun begins to rise; the opposite of what happens at the end of Jungle Hijinxs, where it is daytime and then it turns to night-time. The Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance versions still have their conditions on night-time and rainstorm. This stage also introduces swinging ropes, Armys and Zingers. Aside from the stage layout, the stage has nine Armys and Kritters along with five Zingers.


When Donkey and Diddy enter this stage, they are greeted with the first appearances of an Army and a TNT Barrel. They can use the TNT Barrel to take out one of the Armys. Above them is a Kritter and the Letter "K," and to the right is a rope they can climb to reach the treetops. Past these treetops are three Kritters with a DK Barrel on a high ledge above them. Following the Kritters is the first swinging rope the Kongs can latch onto and swing. To the left of this rope and on a treetop is the first Rambi token in the game. If the Kongs continue forward, they find another Army and another swingable rope. This rope leads them to more treetops with Kritters and the Letter "O." Under the treetops immediately after the Letter "O" is an autofire barrel cannon that blasts the Kongs into the first Bonus Stage. After the Kritters is another swingable rope that swings the Kongs onto the ground, where the Star Barrel and another TNT Barrel can be found.

Following the Star Barrel are many enemies, including Kritters and Armys. Two Armys await the Kongs if they lose hold of the two swingable ropes after the Star Barrel. After these ropes is another Army, high on a ledge, with a DK Barrel on the ground below it. A Kritter can be seen immediately before another bottomless pit with a swingable rope. The Kongs must swing from this rope, onto a Kritter walking on a treetop, and onto another swinging rope to collect the second Letter "N." A Zinger guards the jump from a singing rope to the ground after the Letter "N." If the Kongs jump far enough past the Zinger, they will release a pushable tire from its item cache, which they can then use to bounce high and land on another item cache containing a Winky token. The remainder of the stage consists of three more swingable ropes with Zingers momentarily blocking the path to each of them. Once on the ground again, the Kongs can access the second Bonus Stage by jumping into an autofire barrel cannon immediately before the arrow sign, above a bottomless pit. The Letter "G" is atop a tree, right above the exit sign.

Bonus Stages[]

Entrance Description Interior
1-2(Bonus1Ext) The first Bonus Stage can be found immediately after the Letter "O." To reach this Bonus Stage, the Kongs must jump off the treetops into an autofire barrel cannon that is slightly below the screen, and in between the treetops after the Letter "O." The barrel cannon then shoots through a wall and into the Bonus Stage. This Bonus Stage has Donkey and Diddy climbing and swinging from rope to rope, collecting bananas. The Letter "N" is at the Bonus Stage's exit. 1-2(Bonus1Int)
1-2(Bonus2Ext) The second Bonus Stage can be accessed by jumping into an autofire barrel cannon that is covering a bottomless pit shortly before the Stage's exit. This Bonus Stage contains a red Extra Life Balloon that jumps between four barrels. The primates must carefully watch where the balloon goes until it stops and disappears in a quick motion. To receive the extra life, they must choose the barrel where the balloon last appeared. If they choose the incorrect barrel, they leave the Bonus Stage without the extra life. 1-2(Bonus2Int)

Important collectibles[]

Visual Exclusivity Description
StickerPadVisual.png Gameboy Color-only StickerPadDescription
Photograph1Visual.png Gameboy Advance-only This Photograph can be obtained by hand-slapping the first Army in the stage. The Photograph is a picture of an Army.

Helpful collectibles[]

K-O-N-G Letters[]

Visual Description
1-2(K) The Letter "K" can be found near the top of a high platform at the start of a stage, next to a Kritter.
1-2(O) The Letter "O" is above a pair of trees after swinging from the second rope in the stage.

Two Letter "N"s are found in this stage. The first one is located at the end of the first Bonus Stage.

The second one can be found in between two swinging ropes before a lone Kritter.
1-2(G) The Letter "G" is on the treetops, above to the exit sign.

Extra Life Balloons[]

Color Visual Description
Red 1-2(Bonus2RedBalloon) The only red balloon is located in the second Bonus Stage, close to the exit. Select the last barrel the balloon appeared in to receive the extra life.

Animal Tokens[]

Animal Buddy Visual Description
Rambi 1-2(RambiToken) The Rambi token can be found on a treetop located next to the first rope found in the stage.
Winky 1-2(WinkyToken) The Winky token is inside an item cache shortly after the Letter "N." To collect the token, land on an item cache containing a pushable tire; the item cache is colored slightly darker than the surrounding ground. To land on the cache and break it open, swing off the last rope before reaching solid ground following the Letter "N." Once the tire is released from its cache, push it over to the lone Army, bounce high on it, and land on another item cache that contains the Winky token.


Special Barrels[]

Type Visual Description
Star Barrel 1-2(StarBarrel) The Star Barrel is located following the Letter "O" and the first Bonus Stage.
Warp Barrel WarpBarrelVisual.png
This Warp Barrel is GBA-exclusive.
To access this stage's Warp Barrel, the Kongs must jump off the first rope into the bottomless pit, where the Warp Barrel will catch them and warp them to the end of the stage, next to the exit sign. This warp is exclusive to the Game Boy Advance version.

DK Barrels[]

Visual Description
1-2(DKBarrel1) The first DK Barrel appears shortly before the Rambi token. It is on a high ledge above three Kritters.
1-2(DKBarrel2) The second DK Barrel can be found after the Star Barrel and the second TNT Barrel. It is below an Army on a ledge.


Item count[]

Item Count
Banana Single Banana BananaCount
Banana Bunch Banana Bunch BananaBunchCount
Tire (half-buried) Tire(half-buried) Tire(Half-Buried)Count
Tire (pushable) Tire(pushable) Tire(Pushable)Count

Barrel count[]

Type Count
TNT Barrel TNTBarrel TNTBarrelCount
Barrel Cannon (autofire) Blast Barrel - DKC BarrelCannon(Autofire)Count


Super Nintendo Entertainment System[]

Game Boy Color[]

Game Boy Advance[]


Super Nintendo Entertainment System[]


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Game Boy Color[]


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Game Boy Advance[]


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  • This stage is the only area in Donkey Kong Island effected by thunderstorms or rain.
  • This stage is also presumed to chronologically take place after Jungle Hijinxs, due to the end of Jungle Hijinxs turning into nighttime and this stage taking place in the night until reaching the end where it turns daytime.