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ExitIsNearSign Rope Bridge Rumble ExitSign
World(s) Gorilla Glacier
Type Treetop Village
Music Theme(s) {{{theme}}}
Animal Buddies Winky the Frog

Enemies Encountered Zingers, Kritters, Armys
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country

Rope Bridge Rumble is the sixth level for Gorilla Glacier in the game Donkey Kong Country. It is the second and final abandoned tree village stage. This level appears to be high up in the sky and features enemies such as Kritters, and especially Zingers.


The level starts on a long platform, with a DK Barrel near your playable Kong. You can carry it until you must bounce off a tire and defeat a Kritter. Jump off another tire, then you encounter an Army, and if you look hard, your first Bonus Barrel. In it, the Kongs collect several groups off bananas while also bouncing off a few tires, as well as obtaining Winky at the end. After the Bonus Level, you proceed toward the letter K, guarded by a pink Zinger, who you can easily defeat with Winky. There is an orange Zinger further ahead, but it's also no match for Winky.

After some more tire bouncing, a Kritter walks across a platform, and is taken out by the heroes. You bounce on another tire up to a higher platform, finding a circling orange Zinger around a tire on a platform. You later come across another DK Barrel, but you should't worry about it if you have both Kongs. You also encounter the Star Barrel, and after breaking it, a brown hopping Kritter above the letter O. Winky can't get the letter on his own, so you have to dismount him and roll/cartwheel off the edge to obtain it. After that, you proceed to another tire, which can help you reach another tire to get two rows of bananas. Below you is a Kritter walking on a bridge, but you don't need to worry about him very much. Next in the level, there are more brown Kritters jumping together across a gap, with a Banana Bunch in between. Take them out, collect the banana bunch, and go forward.

After dealing with another Kritter, you see a moving platform with a tire, which helps you collect the letter N. After that, you continue to see another platform with a tire, but also an orange Zinger. A second platform has another DK Barrel, but you shouldn't need it. There is another moving platform, but a line of two orange Zingers. Jump on them with Winky, and move on. The next platform has two more brown Kritters jumping simultaneously, in between the letter G. The Kongs must again jump off Winky to get the letter. There is an arrow sign, telling you the exit is near. The next platform has a vine barrel, but if you have Winky, you won't need to use it. There are two moving platforms, and with Winky's big jumping, you might miss the platform and lose a life. Jumping across the platforms carefully, you notice a lone banana high up, which is a sign that a Bonus Barrel is there. Jump up a enter the barrel, and the bonus level is a slot minigame. Pick your wanted Animal Token wisely.

The next platform has an Army, carefully take it out. You next encounter another moving platform with a tire, and a line of 3 orange Zingers. It's hard to jump over them normally, so just take them out with Winky. You finally get to the exit of the level.

Animal Buddies[]

  • You can get Winky in the first Bonus Level after getting to the exit. He can be very helpful in defeating the Zingers.

Bonus Levels[]

  • The first Bonus Barrel is found on the first long platform with Army. You must bounce off several tires to collect a group of many bananans. You can also optionally collect Winky if you win.
  • In the part of the level with the moving platforms, there is a single banana above the second platform. Jump up to enter the barrel, and the minigame is a slot game for Animal Tokens.

K-O-N-G Letters[]

  • Letter K: It is found below two high edges, guarded by a Zinger. It is easy to obtain if you take it out with Winky.
  • Letter O: It's located in between a jumping Kritter, and two ledges. Simply roll or cartwheel off the ledge to get the letter, and quickly jump back to the platform.
  • Letter N: Found above a moving platform with a tire. Use the tire, or Winky, to reach it.
  • Letter G: Located in between two jumping Kritters, just like the Letter O. Take out the Kritters, and do the same method from before to obtain G.