Donkey Kong Wiki
Homeland Watermelon Kingdom
Origin of Species Warthog

Enemies Donkey Kong
Game(s) Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat

Rogue-Hog is the first Hog boss that Donkey Kong must fight in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. He is the boss of the Watermelon Kingdom.


As Rogue-Hog's name suggests, he is a humanoid warthog, boar-like beast, he is mostly crimson brown-like with large silver hooves on his feet and hands with yellow rings around his "wrists", he has black eyes with yellow eyelids and to tusk piercing in his mouth and a set of horns on his head, he also has a pink mohawk on his head, in terms of size, he is a size taller than Donkey Kong.

Boss Battle[]

Rogue-Hog attacks Donkey Kong by ether throwing green coconuts at him, throwing green coconuts with electricity around it, or swipe at Donkey Kong with his silver hooves (his arms) if Donkey Kong is too close to him, he will jump around the arena to throw the coconut at that direction, Donkey Kong must deflect the coconut back at Rogue-Hog to stun him in order for Donkey Kong to damage him, he can also use his Sound Waves to remove the electricity that sometimes cover the coconuts, also Donkey Kong can use his Sound Waves attack on Rough-Hog to make him drop the coconuts if the Player wishes. After losing one-thirds of his health, Rogue-Hog gets a new attack, being able to throw red spiky fruit, only shoot the regular fruit back at him, as the spiky fruit can not be stoppet by Donkey Kong's Sound Waves and be pushed back at Rogue-Hog, they will go though Doney Kong's Sound Waves and damage him.

After depleting all of Rogue-Hog's HP, there are two ways that he can be defeated, if Donkey Kong depletes all of his health by punching, then Donkey Kong will jump up and do a strong ground pound at Rogue-Hog, knocking him out cold, if Rogue-Hog is hit by a coconut by Donkey Kong on his last bit of health, then he will growl in defeat before falling hard into the ground, and thus, Donkey Kong will beat on his chest as he stands on top of Rogue-Hog, saving Watermelon Kingdom, this trend will repeat for the later three Hog bosses.