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ExitIsNearSign Rockin' Relics ExitSign
World(s) Sea Breeze Cove
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Bonus Room(s) 2
Puzzle Pieces 9
Notable Feature(s) Secret Exit
Enemies Encountered Tucks, Pointy Tucks, Painguin Tucks, Snaggles, Blue Hootz, Mama Saws, Waldoughs, Sea Urchins
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Rockin' Relics is the first secret stage in Sea Breeze Cove from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. There is a secret exit to Shoal Atoll found in this stage.


Rockin’ Relics appears to be an ancient part of the beach that is constantly disrupted by storms. It has many hazards.


The Kong’s slam down at the beginning where there is a constantly uplifted platform they must jump off of while avoiding a Hootz that is in flight. Above this enemy is a Banana bunch. Past this enemy is another platform that leads to a Snaggles jumping up and down relentlessly. Above the Snaggles is a 3 bananas and past it is a Tuck walking on another platform that is much more plump and a bit bigger. After the Tuck is a Blue Hootz and a Snaggles With a Banana bunch in the middle. After this is another Tuck and a chest and 2 Sea Urchins that bounce constantly on a platform. If you have Crank Kong as your partner, you can jump on them and break them instantly. Go in between these rapacious kina and you will find a bonus room by ground pounding that has 1 Banana Coin and 1 Balloon, as well as 100 Bananas. Upon exiting, you will find a Painguin Tuck and past it is a a Sea Urchin and a Hootz. Bounce on the Hootz to get the Banana Coin above its head. If you go into the water underneath the Hootz, you will find 2 red Finleys and 5 Bananas. Get back up and then go on the winging vine to get a total of 10 bananas and a Tuck at the end. After this will have 6 Bananas and a clam chest as well as 9 more Bananas. After this will be a bubble generator and a air duct pumping from teh background with 10 bananas being sucked close to it. Collect all the Bananas to get the second Puzzle Piece. Continue to find a Mama Saw below 10 Bananas. Get out of the water onto the land to find the first Checkpoint. You will find a torn up boat with a patch of urchins before it. The boat has a Tuck and 2 Pointy Tucks. There are also a total of 27 Bananas in this area. Collect all of them to get the 3rd puzzle piece. The best way to get them is by jumping every time the boat jumps. Get off the derelict boat and avoid the patch of urchins to continue to find a Hootz and a Banana bunch as well as a platform that goes up and down. Going under wards reveals a Snaggles, 2 Bananas, a heart container, and 2 chests. Going off the other end of the platform gives you 8 Bananas. Continue right to find 5 Sea Urchins with the O being between the 4th and 5th one. Go underwafter and you will find a Mama Saw and a chest and an area with 40 Bananas. Collect them all to get the 4th Puzzle Piece. The next area has a vine that has 5 Bananas before it, as well as a Banana Coin and another 5 Bananas. If you go under and to the left, you will find a Launch Barrel that leads to another Bonus Stage with 1 Banana Coin and 1 Balloon as well as 100 Bananas. Jump off the vine from before to jump on a Waldough’s head. After this is a chest and a Hootz, as well as more jumping platforms and a Sea Urchin with a Banana bunch in the middle. Past the Sea Urchin is a Snaggles and a Banana Coin. After this is are 2 chests, a Tuck, and 2 more Banana bunches. Go underwater to find an area with a bubble generator as well as some more Sea Urchins. There is a total of 4 of them and a total of 30 Bananas. Collecting all of them gives you the 6th Puzzle Piece. After this is a Mama Saw and a Banana Coin and a Finley. Get out form the water section to get the second checkpoint. After this is another wrecked boat with a Point Tuck, 3 Blue Hootzes, the N and 2 Banana Coins. After this is a Chest and a platform. Collect all the Bananas on the platform to collect the 7th Puzzle Piece while avoiding a Snaggles, Hootz, and a Blue Hootz. Going under the water has a clam chest hidden in some vegetation. After this is 3 Bananas and a Chets and a vine with 20 Bananas that only cranky can collect. After this is a Painguin Tuck and bouncing Sea Urchins. The Tuck has a chest with a heart inside. Go past the Urchin to find a Hootz along with a Banana Coin. If you have Cranky, you can reach the exit leading to Shoal Atoll. Below the Hootz is a bunch of Sea Urchins, so be careful. Before the Launch Barrel, drop down and swim to some vegetation to find the 8th Puzzle Piece. You will also find the 9th Puzzle Piece jumping into the Launch Barrel and waiting for it to appear.



K-O-N-G Letters[]

  • K: Just after the first Hootz, the letter K is located just below an electrified platform.
  • O: In the second set of urchin-like globes, the Kongs must stick to the platforms that the globes rest on and follow the "wave" produced by the shocks to the letter O.
  • N: Just after the second checkpoint, the Kongs must bounce on the tremor platform to reach the letter N while avoiding the Blue Hootz guarding it.
  • G: In the series of Barrel Cannons leading to the Slot Machine Barrel, the Kongs must time their launch on one of them to collect the letter G.

Puzzle Pieces[]

  1. Just before the first Painguin Tucks, the Kongs must pound a trapdoor to access a Bonus Area. As with all other Bonus Areas, the Kongs must collect all Bananas before time runs out to collect the Puzzle Piece.
  2. The Kongs must collect all Bananas in the first expanding and contracting current to unveil the Puzzle Piece.
  3. On the tremor platform just after the first checkpoint, the Kongs must collect all Bananas to unveil the Puzzle Piece.
  4. Just before the second set of urchin-like globes, the Kongs must dive down to a hidden alcove where they have to collect all Banana Bunches to unveil the Puzzle Piece.
  5. Just before the first vine, the Kongs must enter a skull Blast Barrel just below the pier and get launched into a Bonus Area. As with all other Bonus Areas, the Kongs must collect all Bananas before time runs out to collect the Puzzle Piece.
  6. The Kongs must collect all Bananas in the second expanding and contracting current while avoiding the Sea Urchins to unveil the Puzzle Piece.
  7. Just after the letter N, the Kongs must collect the Banana Bunch on the right of the two swaying platforms, then collect all of the Bananas that appear to unveil the Puzzle Piece.
  8. Just before the series of Barrel Cannons, the Kongs must head to the right and dive underwater to find the Puzzle Piece.
  9. When reaching the Slot Machine Barrel, the Kongs must intentionally miss it first to reach another set of Barrel Cannons and collect the Puzzle Piece.


Time Attack Medals[]

  • Gold:
  • Silver:
  • Bronze:

Secret Exit []

In order to reach this portal, the player needs the aid of Cranky Kong. In the segment with urchin-like globes jumping in arc patterns, Cranky Kong must carefully bounce with his cane from one of the urchins to reach a high-up vine and a platform containing a portal. Following this secret exit unlocks Shoal Atoll.

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