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ExitIsNearSign Rocketeer Rally ExitSign
Kiddy running from a Bristles and into a Rocket Barrel.
World(s) Blackforest Plateau
Type Falls
Music Theme(s) Cascade Capers

Bonus Room(s) 2

Enemies Encountered Kobbles, Sneeks, Buzzes, Bristles, Knik-Knaks, Krumples
Game(s) Donkey Kong Land III

Rocketeer Rally, (タルでたきのぼり Taru Detaki no Bori in Japan), is the thirteenth stage in Donkey Kong Land III and the first in Blackforest Plateau. This stage comes after the boss battle with Bleak but before Vertigo Verge.


Rocketeer Rally takes place in a waterfall area. This stage is known for its use of Booster Barrels as most ledges cannot be reached by Dixie and Kiddy themselves. Tracker Barrels can also be found in the stage aiding Dixie and Kiddy. There is multiple paths on which the two Kongs must choose through. A lone Krumple, Kobbles, Sneeks, Bristles, Buzzes and Knik-Knaks can also be found in the stage.