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[[File:DKC3 Ripsaw Rage|300px]]
World(s) Mekanos
Type Hollow Tree
Music Theme(s) Treetop Tumble

Bonus Room(s) 2
Notable Feature(s) Contains an oversized saw chasing the Kongs
Enemies Encountered Buzzes, Sneeks
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Ripsaw Rage (ハラハラのこぎり Harahara nokogiri in Japan) is a stage in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, and the third stage in Mekanos. It is preceded by Demolition Drain-Pipe and followed by Blazing Bazukas.


The level takes place in a hallow tree level, with the primary obstacle being the giant titular saw. It doesn't move that fast, but the Kongs still have to be on their feet to avoid it, jumping on the platforms fast and defeating the occasional Sneeks and green Buzzes. There are a few Invincibility Barrels that can protect you from the saw.

Collectibles and Secrets[]


K-O-N-G Letters:

Letter K: Found early in the level before the Kongs jump into a hole in the tree on the right side.

Letter O: Before the first Bonus Room, the letter O is seen right before the opening on the left side.

Letter N:

Letter G: Located above an invisible Blast Barrel.

DK Coin: After collecting the Letter G, the Kongs are blasted upward into another Invincibility Barrel. The saw will take them to a platform with the Steel Keg. They take it to Koin wo is standing on a branch below another branch. Throw the steel barrel right above Koin and hit him from behind.

Kiddy and the Koin enemy.

Kiddy may be safe from the dangerous saw, but he still has the collect the DK Coin.

Special Barrels[]

Bonus Areas[]

Image Type Description
Ripsaw Rage Bonus 1 Find the Coin! The Kongs simply have to jump on the platforms while avoiding the saw until they collect the coin.
Ripsaw Rage Bonus 2 Grab 15 Bananas! The Kongs are invincible for most of the Bonus round, because they stand on the saw. They have to jump around to collect the randomly spawning green bananas. It isn't very easy to collect them since they appear in different spots. Collecting them is easier with Kiddy.

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