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ExitIsNearSign Rickety Rapids ExitSign
[[File:Rickety Rapids - Dixie and DK Barrel|300px]]
Dixie jumping to a DK Barrel.
World(s) Tin Can Valley
Type Waterfall
Music Theme(s)

Enemies Encountered Re-Koils, Sneeks, Buzzes, Krumples, Kopters, Knockas
Game(s) Donkey Kong Land III

Rickety Rapids is the twenty seventh stage in Donkey Kong Land III and the third in Tin Can Valley. It comes after Clifftop Critters and before Bazuka Bombard.

This stage is one of the stages that a demo of it can be shown at the main menu once its music stops. Any D-pad button must be pressed once in order to allow a demo to be shown for the stage.


This stage appears to take place at a waterfall. Here, Dixie and Kiddy Kong have to make their way across wide and large abysses in order to reach the stage. They are also unfortunately higher gaps for them to reach. Luckily, Booster Barrels and Tracker Barrels allow these two problems to be solved as the Booster Barrel leads Dixie and Kiddy to higher areas, while Tracker Barrels lead them to hard-to-reach areas.

Only to make things trickier, Re-Koils, Sneeks, Buzzes and Krumples appear in this area. Kopters and Knockas also make an appearance but only near the ending of the stage.