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ExitIsNearSign Reptile Rumble ExitSign
Donkey and Diddy at the start of the stage.
World(s) Kongo Jungle
Type Cave
Music Theme(s) Cave Dweller Concert

Bonus Room(s) 3
Notable Feature(s) First cave level
Enemies Encountered Slippas, Zingers, Kritters
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country

Reptile Rumble is the third stage in Kongo Jungle and Donkey Kong Country. It comes after Ropey Rampage and before Coral Capers.


Reptile Rumble is a cave stage that starts out flat but as the Kongs progress, they must navigate several pits and varied terrain. Tires are common in this stage, needed to get to higher areas, but often an enemy will be nearby. Kritters often guard the upper or lower end of the sloped areas, Zingers usually lurk around tire areas, and Slippas guard the ground stage.

It is the first cave stage, and introduces Slippas, the Tires and bouncing Kritters. There are seven Slippas, thirteen Kritters and four Zingers.


This stage starts out with a wooden barrel and a Slippa. Use the barrel to defeat the Slippa. Then, use the DK Barrel to defeat one of the incoming jumping Kritters; jump on the other one. Once they are both defeated, pick up the other wooden barrel and throw it against the wall under the Letter "K" to access the first Bonus Stage. Quickly crawl under the cave ceiling and jump onto the ledge to collect the red Extra Life Balloon before it flies away. Next, exit the Bonus Stage and continue on until the half-buried tire and the DK Barrel on the ledge above. Use the tire to jump to the ledge, and then jump to the ledge's left to find the second Bonus Stage. In this Bonus Stage, simply jump into the autofire barrel cannons, and they will shoot the Kongs into many bananas. After the Bonus Stage, continue forward, defeating the blue jumping Kritters by jumping on them with the half-buried tires. Once the Letter "O" is in sight, be careful not to touch the nearby patrolling yellow Zingers. The Star Barrel is shortly after the Letter "O."

The Letter "N" is also shortly after the Star Barrel. After collecting this K-O-N-G Letter, instead of jumping onto the nearby ledge with a wooden barrel and a DK Barrel on it, continue onward into the small pit with two Slippas. Defeat them, then jump back up to the ledge, pick up either barrel, and use it to break a hole in the wall on the right-hand side of the Slippa pit. This is the third Bonus Stage. Here, jump high on the pushable tire to collect bananas. If the Kongs fall off the pushable tire, go left to jump back up and try again. Following the Bonus Stage, jump over the yellow Zinger by bouncing on the tire. Then, crawl under the shallow ceiling to find two jumping Kritters and an Enguarde token. Jump on the Kritters to reach the token. Next, defeat the four Slippas, and jump onto the staircase of half-buried tires. Collect the Letter "G," but be careful not to get hit by the jumping Kritters.

Bonus Stages[]

Entrance Description Interior
1-3(Bonus1Ext) The first Bonus Stage is accessed by breaking the wall below the Letter "K" with a barrel. In this Bonus Stage, the two Kongs must quickly crawl and jump through a short obstacle course containing bananas and a red Extra Life Balloon that will fly away if they are too slow. 1-3(Bonus1Int)
1-3(Bonus2Ext) The second Bonus Stage can be found via an autofire barrel cannon in midair to the left of the second DK Barrel. To reach the autofire barrel cannon, the Kongs must jump on an elevated piece of land with a half-buried tire. In this Bonus Stage, the monkeys must jump into an autofire barrel cannon that will shoot them from one barrel to the next while collecting bananas. 1-3(Bonus2Int)
1-3(Bonus3Ext) The third Bonus Stage can be found after collecting the Letter "N." It is accessed via a hole in the wall to the right of the two Slippas. The Kongs must bring either the DK Barrel or the wooden barrel on the elevated land nearby over to the pit with the Slippas and break the wall to the right with either barrel. It is advised to first defeat the Slippas before using either barrel to break the wall. In this Bonus Stage, they must bounce on a pushable tire lying on a moving platform to collect bananas. If they fall off the moving platform, there is a half-buried tire to the left they can use to jump back up and try again. 1-3(Bonus3Int)

Important collectibles[]

Visual Exclusivity Description
StickerPadVisual.png Gameboy Color-only StickerPadDescription
Photograph1Visual.png Gameboy Advance-only The first Photograph can be found by jumping on three Kritters in a row without touching the ground. Note that this Photograph can be obtained by jumping on three Kritters in a row in any stage.
Photograph2Visual.png Gameboy Advance-only The second Photograph can be found by jumping on three Slippas in a row without touching the ground. Note that this Photograph can be obtained by jumping on three Slippas in a row in any stage.

Helpful collectibles[]

K-O-N-G Letters[]

Visual Description
1-3(K) The Letter "K" can be found after the first two Kritters and before the first Bonus Stage.
1-3(O) The Letter "O" is being guarded by two Zingers shortly before the Star Barrel.
1-3(N) The Letter "N" is immediately after the Star Barrel. It is being guarded by a single Zinger.
1-3(G) The Letter "G" is shortly before the exit sign, above many half-buried tires forming a staircase and two jumping Kritters.

Extra Life Balloons[]

Color Visual Description
Red 1-3(Bonus1RedBalloon) The only red balloon is on a ledge in the middle of the first Bonus Stage. It flies away if not collected within a few seconds.

Animal Tokens[]

Animal Buddy Visual Description
Enguarde 1-3(EnguardeToken) The single Enguarde token is found near the end of the stage, in an area containing two jumping Kritters, shortly after the third Bonus Stage.


Special Barrels[]

Type Visual Description
Star Barrel 1-3(StarBarrel) The Star Barrel is found shortly after the two Zingers and the Letter "O."
Warp Barrel WarpBarrelVisual.png
This Warp Barrel is GBA-exclusive.
To reach this Warp Barrel, Donkey and Diddy must jump onto the ledge above the entrance to the first Bonus Area and hop high into the air. They will find a Warp Barrel that leads them to the exit sign and the Letter "G."

DK Barrels[]

Visual Description
1-3(DKBarrel1) The first DK Barrel can be found at the very beginning of the level, immediately following the first Slippa.
1-3(DKBarrel2) The second DK Barrel is next to the second Bonus Stage, above the second tire.
1-3(DKBarrel3) The third DK Barrel is following the Star Barrel and the Letter "N." It is also shortly before the third Bonus Stage.


Item count[]

Item Count
Banana Single Banana BananaCount
Banana Bunch Banana Bunch BananaBunchCount
Tire (half-buried) Tire(half-buried) Tire(Half-Buried)Count
Tire (pushable) Tire(pushable) Tire(Pushable)Count

Barrel count[]

Type Count
Wooden Barrel WoodenBarrel WoodenBarrelCount
Barrel Cannon (autofire) Blast Barrel - DKC BarrelCannon(Autofire)Count


Super Nintendo Entertainment System[]

Game Boy Color[]

Game Boy Advance[]


  • When Donkey and Diddy are blasted from the third bonus area in Reptile Rumble, two Slippas which wander around a pit are missing. Facing the pit reveals just one Slippa, but the other Slippa doesn't appear unless the pit is out of view.
  • This is the only area in Kongo Jungle featuring Slippas.
  • A photograph of a Kritter can be found in this area by bouncing on a group of three blue bouncing Kritters.
  • Another photograph, with it being Slippa, can be found by bouncing on a group of three Slippas.

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