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ExitIsNearSign.png Redwood Rampage ExitSign.png
Squawks flying while avoiding Buzzes.
World(s) Blackforest Plateau
Type Tree
Music Theme(s) {{{theme}}}

Enemies Encountered Buzzes, Sneeks, Bristles, Koin
Game(s) Donkey Kong Land III

Redwood Rampage is the eighteenth stage in Donkey Kong Land III along with the sixth and final stage in Blackforest Plateau. It comes after Tundra Blunda and before the boss battle with Arich.


Redwood Rampage appears to take place on the inside of many trees with many tree-carved platforms to help the monkeys out. Some ledges are too high for the two of them to scale. On the first part of the stage, Nids bounce upwards to help Dixie and Kiddy to reach areas which the two cannot reach themselves. Squawks then fulfills the job later on in the stage. Around the stage are many Buzzes which are surrounding the tree-carved platforms and flying back and forth, making the stage more tricky. Aside Buzzes, Sneeks and Bristles can also be found.

This stage has similar features to Minky Mischief (except for the obvious lack of Minkies) as both have the same enemies and have Squawks take over for the second part of the stage.