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"Redneck Kong"
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"Redneck Kong" (at the left) between Cranky and Donkey Kong, as seen in an earlier build of the canceled game Diddy Kong Pilot for GBA.
Alias(es) "Hillbilly Kong"

Family Kong Family
Species Kong
Gender Male

Game(s) Diddy Kong Pilot (removed)
First Appearance N/A
Latest Appearance N/A

The character dubbed "Redneck Kong", also known as "Hillbilly Kong", was an unnamed Kong who was set to appear as a playable racer in the canceled game Diddy Kong Pilot for Game Boy Advance.


"Redneck Kong" kept nameless until 2010, when a Rare's anonymous employee revealed his name.[1] Not much is known about this hillbilly[2] Kong in farmer clothing, except for the fact that he was supposed to be a playable character. "Redneck Kong" seems to be replaced by Candy Kong on the character select screen, as seen in later screenshots of the canceled game, implying that he was removed and replaced in later stages of development. His data is completely removed in the leaked game builds (except for the unedited character selection highlight), as selecting him (selecting as Dixie Kong because the character selection is swapped) would cause corrupted sprites (play as Diddy Kong instead) to replace him.[3]

According to the Rareware website's Scribes section, "Redneck Kong" has "been killed off now anyway".[4]



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    4) Don't worry about it - he's been killed off now anyway.
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