The Rareware Coin

The Rareware Coin is a one-of-a-kind item in Donkey Kong 64. It is a silver coin with the Rareware logo on it. The player will need both this and the Nintendo Coin to open the gate to the last Boss Key in Hideout Helm.

To earn it, the player must clear the Jetpac arcade game.

The game is in Cranky's Lab; once the player has collected 15 Banana Medals, Cranky will allow them to play the game on his computer. If the player reaches a score of 5,000 or more, the Rareware Coin will appear within the game. If the player collects the coin before getting a game over, they will obtain it. Afterwards, Jetpac will be available to play for fun whenever the player visits Cranky's Lab.

This coin symbolizes one of the companies who made Donkey Kong 64, Rareware.

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