A Rare Orb is a mystical round crystal ball found in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. Together, the eight rare orbs hold the power to open the door to the Golden Temple.

Rare Orb Collection

The eight Rare Orbs.

To collect a Rare Orb, you must complete all stages in a world with all the K-O-N-G Letters. Upon doing so, an extra stage will be revealed. Completing this extra stage will earn you a rare orb. The extra stage is also called a Key Temple.

Key Temples are extremely difficult. They are made up of difficult platforming stages, vertical stages, and classic barrel shooting stages.

A Rare Orb is held in a shrine at the end of a Key Temple. To collect it, the Kongs must jump towards it.

Orb locations

Rare Orb World Stage
Green orb
Green Orb
1 (Jungle) Platform Panic
Blue Orb

Blue orb

2 (Beach) Tumblin' Temple
White Orb

White orb

3 (Ruins) Shifty Smashers
Magenta Orb

Magenta orb                   

4 (Cave) Jagged Jewels
Yellow Orb

Yellow orb

5 (Forest) Blast & Bounce
Orange Orb

Orange orb

6 (Cliff) Perilous Passage
Gray Orb
Gray orb
7 (Factory) Treacherous Track
Red Orb

Red orb

8 (Volcano) Five Monkey Trial