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The Rambi Bonus title screen from Donkey Kong Country (GBA).

Rambi Bonus! is an Animal Buddy Bonus Stage from the SNES version of Donkey Kong Country, as well as the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country.

To enter this Bonus Stage, the player must first collect three Animal Tokens of Rambi the Rhinoceros. Upon doing so, the player will be taken to the Rambi Bonus Stage.

Here, the player is given 99 seconds to collect as many Rambi Tokens as possible. When the allotted time expires, the player is stopped and the number of Rambi Tokens obtained is totaled. As for the other Animal Buddy Bonus Stages, every 100 Animal Buddy Tokens collected equals one extra life. Following this, the player is taken back to the stage where they collected their third Rambi Token, and the game resumes.


In all the Animal Buddy Bonus Stages, there is a large golden token of the Animal Buddy the player is controlling hidden somewhere in the Bonus Stage. This large golden token will double the amount of Animal Tokens the player has collected up to collecting the large golden token (i.e. if the player has 100 Animal Tokens, collecting the large golden token will make the player's new total be 200 Animal Tokens).


The map of the Rambi Bonus.

It is recommended that the player collect as many Rambi Tokens as possible, then, with less than 45 seconds left, begin to travel to the large golden token.