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''This hard-headed ram obviously has a healthy set of horns, but his role in the final game is yet to be determined. Chances are that he's an adept climber." -Nintendo Power Volume 69, page 93

Ram Bunkshus

As seen in Nintendo Power.
Gender Male
Species Sheep (Ram)
Homeland Donkey Kong Island
Powers/Abilities Hinted to climb, horn as weapon
Allies Kong Family

Ram Bunkshus is a beta Animal Buddy from Donkey Kong Land, first revealed in the 69th issue of Nintendo Power. He was set to appear as an Animal Buddy in Donkey Kong Land, but it is unknown why he was scrapped from the final game despite having official artwork.


Little is known about Ram Bunkshus, but a few facts about him were revealed in the Nintendo Power magazine. His use for the Kongs would have been likely been to climb, and that he may have used his horns to defeat enemies.



  • His name is derived from "rambunctious", which describes extreme hyperactivity.