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Title card for the episode.

Raiders of the Lost Banana is the sixth episode of the Donkey Kong Country animated series, as well as the sixth episode of the first season.


The episode begins in King K. Rool's hideout, where Polly Roger is seen annoying the Kremlings, including General Klump. Klump advises King K. Rool not to trust him, but the crocodile believes that the parrot will help him conquer Kongo Bongo Island. King K. Rool tells the bird to steal the Crystal Coconut, so he heads off to Cranky's Cabin.

At the cabin, Cranky Kong has trouble choosing the correct beaker for a potion. He asks the Crystal Coconut which it is best one. After it is revealed which potion to take, Polly Roger flies into the room and steals the Coconut, and Cranky is unable to catch him.

Meanwhile at Donkey and Diddy's treehouse, Donkey Kong practices dancing for his anniversary of his first date with Candy Kong. He messes up the dance, but Diddy encourages him to try again. As he dances a second time, the ape accidentally slips on a banana peel and falls down the elevator. Donkey Kong, no longer determined, decides to try something else for his anniversary, but Cranky comes and tells him the bad news about the Crystal Coconut. Diddy overhears the conversation, and he and Donkey Kong head out to retrieve the item.

The apes begin their new adventure by searching for the parrot in the jungle. The Kongs succeed in finding him, but have trouble catching him. After swinging on the jungle vines for quite some time, Donkey Kong crashes into a tree and the parrot flies away. Diddy helps him get up, and the two angrily chase him into the ancient temple of Inka Dinka Doo. After following the bird through the many twists and turns of the temple, the Kongs enter a hallway full of separate rooms and lose track of the villain. They split up to find him, and eventually attack the parrot, regaining the Crystal Coconut. As the apes head out of the temple, Diddy Kong accidentally steps on a hidden switch on the ground and accidentally sets off a booby trap, almost getting killed. The heroes panic and race through the remaining parts of the temple, running away from countless number of traps. The two Kongs soon get stuck at the dead end and fall through the floor.

The heroes are sent into a small room, which contains a small table holding a Golden Banana. Donkey Kong foolishly tosses the Crystal Coconut out of his hands to Diddy and attempts to eat the banana, but quickly notices that it is only a gold fake, at which point he realizes that it is the perfect gift for Candy. However, they are frightened as soon as they hear the angry voice of Inka Dinka Doo's "sleeping idol." The primates fearfully race out of the temple, with the Golden Banana still in their hands.

Later in King K. Rool's hideout, Polly Roger tells the king what happened. The parrot and General Klump soon begin to fight again, which angers King K. Rool. He angrily fires both of them, so the two enemies leave the hideout.

Meanwhile, the Kongs are relieved to have the Crystal Coconut returned. However, Cranky Kong is mad at them for accidentally waking the idol of Inka Dinka Doo. He asks if they foolishly touched anything while they were in the temple, and he angrily notices the Golden Banana in Donkey Kong's hand. At that moment, an earthquake occurs, to which Cranky comments that "it's starting." When Diddy asks about the event, Cranky grabs the "Encyclopedia Bananica" that falls off the shelf. Cranky begins to read the book, and informs them (in song) that the Kongs have "brought the wrath of Inka Dinka Doo on down." Klump, hiding outside, spies on them as this happens. At the end of the song, Donkey Kong agrees to return the banana and heads out back to the temple.

On the way there, Donkey and Diddy run into Candy Kong. Candy notices the Golden Banana in the ape's hand and asks if it is for her. Donkey Kong immediately forgets about the banana's curse, and tells her that it is her gift for their anniversary. Candy is greatly pleased by the gift, and then walks away after kissing Donkey Kong. Diddy Kong, stunned at what he had just done, knocks some sense back into Donkey Kong, who face palms and regrets what he has just done.

Candy Kong heads to Bluster Barrelworks to finish her job for the day. Bluster notices that she is late, so Candy tells her that she was busy receiving. Bluster asks what she had received, so Candy shows him her Golden Banana from Donkey Kong. As Candy explains that the banana is no ordinary banana, the ground begins to shake and the barrels piled nearby begin to fall and roll everywhere. Bluster panics and runs out of his factory, but Candy angrily walks out, finding Bluster in his helicopter. Bluster happily gives her a ride home in the copter, but as they ride, the helicopter begins to crash into the ground.

At that time, Cranky Kong is dancing in his cabin. Suddenly, Bluster's helicopter crashes through the doorway. Cranky orders him to get the helicopter out of his house, but then notices the Golden Banana in Candy's hand. After Cranky explains that it is from Donkey Kong for their anniversary, Cranky announces that Donkey Kong has brought bad luck to everyone.

Back at King K. Rool's hideout, Klump tells the Kremling king about the Golden Banana. Thinking that the Golden Banana is a special item like the Crystal Coconut, King K. Rool commands the general to steal it.

Donkey and Diddy Kong head back to Cranky's Cabin, but they are soon greeted by Candy. Candy, who does not believe that the Golden Banana is cursed, informs Donkey Kong about what has happened to she and Bluster. Donkey Kong tells her that it is the banana that is causing this, which makes Candy even more angry. She angrily tells the ape that she will not give him the banana back, unless he breaks up with her, as she does not believe him. Donkey and Diddy warn her about the bad luck it will cause, but she Furiously continues to walk away. Before the Kongs can try to persuade her any more, Bluster demands them to help him move the helicopter.

Candy Kong angrily stomps through the jungle, infuriated about the "lame excuses" the other Kongs are giving her. However, she soon runs into the Kremlings, who command her to give it to them.

At Donkey Kong's treehouse, Donkey and Diddy Kong discuss how they are going to get the Golden Banana back. Donkey Kong, not able to talk about the Golden Banana while hungry, goes to grab a normal banana out of his refrigerator. Inside the fridge, the ape notices Polly Roger. They tell him to get out, but Polly simply replies by saying that he will offer services to them. The Kongs do not trust him, but then Polly tells them that King K. Rool is holding Candy prisoner. Donkey Kong quickly rushes to King K. Rool's hideout, where Candy Kong is about to be taken to the dungeon for not giving the Golden Banana to King K. Rool. The Kremling soldiers dash out of the room at the sight of the might ape, and Donkey Kong begins to sing and dance with Candy as he prepares to take her home.

After escaping the Kremling hideout, Donkey and Diddy manage to return the Golden Banana to Inka Dinka Doo, who is pleased. As the heroes head out of the temple, Polly Roger appears behind them and steals the Golden Banana again. This angers the Inka Dinka Doo idol again, and the Kongs quickly race out of the temple as the ground frantically shakes. They head up to Cranky's Cabin and tell him that King K. Rool now has the Golden Banana, so a concerned Cranky decides to check the Encyclopedia Bananica. To the Kongs' relief, Cranky reveals to them that the villains will bear the full brunt of the banana's wrath as he reads "Anyone who takes the banana and plans on doing bad, evil, or mean things with it better beware." At that time the primates hear an explosion coming from King K. Rool's hideout, caused by the Golden Banana. Despite the chaos, K. Rool fervently believes in his plans for the banana.

At the end of the episode, a short cut is seen of the Inka Dinka Doo idol saying "Inka Dinka...Doomed", referring to the villains, and then laughing.



  • The title and the plot of the episode are references to the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark[1]. In the movie, the character Indiana Jones[2] tries to obtain the Ark of the Covenant[3], a powerful relic in the form of a golden box, before Nazi German[4] forces can claim it.
  • Similar to the Crystal Coconut, Golden Bananas would later also appear in the Donkey Kong series, like in the game Donkey Kong 64 for Nintendo 64.