Quawks the Parrot
Quawks - DKC2.gif
Quawks the Parrot's animated sprite from the game Donkey Kong Country 2 for SNES.
Family Squawks the Parrot,
Tawks the Parrot
Species Parrot
Homeland Unknown
Allies Kong Family
Enemies Kremling Krew
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest,
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!,
Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (for SNES) (1995)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Barrel Blast (2007-2008)

Quawks the Parrot is an uncommon, parrot-like Animal Buddy from the Donkey Kong game series, who strongly resembles Squawks the Parrot in appearance, but he is purple in color.


Donkey Kong Country 2

Quawks first appears in the game Donkey Kong Country 2, only in the stage Parrot Chute Panic of the Gloomy Gulch world, as multiple animal buddies throughout the stage. Unlike Squawks, Quawks cannot spit eggs out of his mouth or fly upwards. His ability in this game is to carry the Kongs and help them to traverse the stage while avoiding enemies. After Diddy and Dixie Kong reach a Quawks, he will automatically catch the heroes and descend constantly. Each animal buddy will carry the primates during specific sections of the stage, dropping the Kongs as soon as the current section ends. By holding the "Up" and "Down" buttons, the player can slow down and speed up Squawks' descend, respectively. It is also possible for the parrot to drop the heroes early by pressing the "X" button in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version and the "L" button in the Game Boy Advance version of the game. Strangely, Quawks is not shown in the game's credits like Squawks.

Donkey Kong Country 3

Quawks’ second appearance is in Donkey Kong Country 3 as a rather uncommon animal buddy. He possesses most of Squawks' abilities including flying upwards. However, he still cannot spit out eggs, but he can now lift up barrels with his talons and drop them. During both stages Low-G Labyrinth and Buzzer Barrage, Dixie and Kiddy Kong must use an Animal Barrel to turn into Quawks and progress. Similarly to the previous game, Quawks does not appear during the Dixie's Photo Album sequence like Squawks in the SNES version of the game.

Donkey Kong Barrel Blast

Quawks later appears in the game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast as an item. This game marked the first time Quawks' name was known outside of Japan.


Donkey Kong Country 2

Donkey Kong Country 3



  • In the SNES version of the game Donkey Kong Country 3, Quawks is the only animal buddy to not appear in Dixie's Photo Album.
    • He is also the only animal buddy to not be included in the list of animal buddies in the Nintendo Player's Guide for Donkey Kong Country 3.[1]


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