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Pyrobots are robot enemies in the game Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Appearance []

The normal yellow pyrobot has a green head and eyes, connected on springs. It also has a hatch on its chest with 5 visible screws. It has another patch near its waist with 2 screws. Its hands have 2 cubes in them, and a flame jet, which it utilizes in combat. It also has 2 cylinders that it uses to float above ground.

The red pyrobot is the same, but with a metal head, and red hues at the end of its flame jet. The helmet has 5 cubes near the rim.



Red Pyrobot

The Pyrobots have the ability to aim fire at Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. There are two types of Pyrobots: one yellow and one red. The yellow Pyrobot has a head made of glass which can be destroyed by Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong if they jump three times on its head. The red Pyrobot, in contrast, has a head that is made of metal and can't be damaged by conventional attacks; it can only be stunned with them. The only way to defeat it is by throwing a barrel at it or hit it with a Buckbomb. They are found on many Factory levels, and are fairly dangerous enemies. Their attacks consist of aiming forward and upward.


Yellow Pyrobot