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Punchy Paddy

Punchy Paddy in DKC5 Gameplay.

Punchy Paddy is an enemy from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It is an inhabitant of the first world, Lost Mangroves.


Punchy Paddy appears to be a large grasshopper with thick eyebrows, and wears a collar around its neck. It has black stripes on its back, and long back legs. It also has antenna in the front, as well as eyes, and brown, angry expressed eyebrows. It has 2 underbite teeth as well, and has 2 white wings. 2 frontal green arms are also present. 

Game Appearance and Strategy[]

In the game, Punchy Paddy tends to jump due to the fact he is a grasshopper. It will make a big jump, fluttering down with its wings, and then a small jump. If not careful, Punchy Paddy can hit a Kong (player) with its front legs, or kick that Kong with its back legs. They can be simply defeated with one jump, or roll attack, or a barrel.