Puffton as a figurine.

Puffton is a large type of Hootz and a flying enemy of the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Puffton is a member of the Snowmads.


Puffton appears as a large male periwinkle owl. The Puffton has yellow eyes, white eyebrows, a blue beak, a white mustache with hair ties, white chest, and periwinkle talons in shade. Puffton wears a belt with a Snowmad insignia and a strap on his right.

Game Appearance

In the game, Pufftons are like the regular Hootz as they fly whether horizontally, vertically, or stay put airborne. Due to their size, it will take three hits to defeat a Puffton. They can however be easily defeated by a barrel, by Rambi, or even a roll attack.

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