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Not to be confused with Pot Hole Panic stage from the game Donkey Kong Land
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ExitIsNearSign Pot Hole Panic ExitSign
World(s) Razor Ridge
Type Cave
Music Theme(s) Cavern Caprice
Animal Buddies Squawks the Parrot, Enguarde the Swordfish, Ellie the Elephant, Squitter the Spider
Bonus Room(s) 2
Notable Feature(s) This stage features all rideable Animal Buddies in the game. In the SNES version, it is the only stage where the Kongs can ride Enguarde. The enemy Kuchuka also debuts in this stage.
Enemies Encountered Booty Birds, Kopters, Kuchukas, Kocos, Lurchins, Bounty Basses, Buzz, Koin
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (for SNES) (1996)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3 (for GBA) (2005)

Pot Hole Panic is the thirty-fourth stage in the game Donkey Kong Country 3, as well as the fourth stage in the sixty world, Razor Ridge. It is preceded by Floodlit Fish and followed by Ropey Rumpus.


In this stage, Dixie and Kiddy Kong ride on a lot of Animal Buddies. They are Squawks the Parrot, Squitter the Spider, Enguarde the Swordfish, and Ellie the Elephant. However, it is obrigatory to ride only Squawks to traverse his section, the other Animal Buddies can be ignored or lost by the player. The stage has a purple cave-like appearance and a lot of different species of enemies, such as Booty Birds, Kuchukas, Kopters, Lurchins and Bounty Basses.


The stage takes place in a purple cavern with four sections. In the first section, the Kongs must fall into a thin gap and land on an animal crate with Squawks in it. They should grab onto the parrot and ride to the right. The Booty Bird nearby can be defeated to reveal the letter K. As they fly through the mostly straight path, they are greeted by Kuchukas, whose bombs must be avoided at all costs. After passing four Kopters gliding in and out of small alcoves, the heroes must float downwards, and then hover to the left. As they travel in this area, they need to defeat a few Booty Birds.

Soon, the heroes will find an underwater area. There, Squawks drops them off next to the letter O and flies away. So, the monkeys can swim right and jump over two green Kocos to find Enguarde's crate. The large fish can be ridden through the water section, beating many different species of foes. After the three swim through the narrow paths around several Lurchins and Bounty Basses, they enter an open area with more Lurchins. They need to swim around the foes and swim in a U shaped path to find the outside of the lake, where they must hop off of Enguarde and jump onto a ledge. There, they can find the Star Barrel, as well as Ellie's animal crate.

By jumping and reaching the Star Barrel, the group can break open the crate near them to free and ride Ellie. The area forward is full of rowdy Kuchukas and Kopters. After they dodge each of the foes on the path towards left, they must fall into a gap and land into another lake. Ellie is capable of floating on water. By going left, the heroes can jump with Ellie and collect the letter N. At the same location of the letter, by jumping with Ellie and dismounting her at the top, the primates can access the first Bonus Barrel in the stage. Inside the Bonus Room, the Kongs must quickly use Ellie to jump and dismount her while collecting twenty stars, and collect the revealed Bonus Coin within twenty seconds. After the Bonus Room, by going right, the Kongs have to say goodbye to Ellie as they leave her and hop up into a high up barrel cannon nearby. If Ellie is not present in the area, the player must put Kiddy on the lead, use the team-up ability, jump and throw Dixie to reach the barrel cannon. A DK Barrel nearby can be used to summon a second Kong, if necessary.

The barrel cannon shoots the heroes to the next area, where Squitter's crate can be found. The spider can be ridden under two dangerous Kopters. After that, the heroes must avoid a red Buzz surrounded by another Kopter. The letter G is right above the Buzz, and there is another Booty Bird after that. Once they pass this short section, the monkeys and Squitter must continue left and watch out for the bombs of a Kuchuka. Farther on is a No Squitter Sign. However, before going forward, the player must use Squitter to create web platforms to go up. In the alcove above, where Kuchuka is, there is the second and final Bonus Barrel of the stage. In the Bonus Room, the Kongs must collect fifteen disappearing green bananas while avoiding bombs throw by a Kuchuka above and collect the Bonus Coin within thirty seconds. Outside the Bonus Room, by going right, Squitter disappears when his sign is passed, turning him into a Banana Bunch. Moving on, the Stage Flag is nearby. But before pull it, first Kiddy must be the lead Kong, use the team-up ability, jump and throw Dixie at the alcove above. At the location, there is the Koin of the stage. Kiddy must use the team-up ability again to throw Dixie and able to reach the Steel Keg above. The Koin can be defeated by Dixie picking up the Steel Keg, falling down right next to the enemy, jumping and throwing the keg behind the foe. Kiddy can use similar strategy to defeat Koin, but the player must hold the "Up" button while throwing the Steel Keg to change its trajetory and make it land behind the enemy. After Koin is defeated, the Kongs can collect the DK Coin of the stage. By falling down, the heroes can now reach and jump onto the flagpole to clear the stage.