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Artwork of a Pointy Tuck.

Pointy Tucks are a smaller type of Tuck appearing as an enemy of teh a Kongs in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. They are notable members of the Snowmads


A Pointy Tuck appears as a dark-blue penguin and wears a Viking helmet and a collar with a Snowmad insignia. They also appear to be smaller than the rest of the Tucks, as they are the smallest in appearance. They also have small amounts of fluffy fur near their feet. They also have black pupils, and their eyes are a bit yellow. They have white under their wings. Their helmets also have 5 metal duds on them, and their horns have rings in them. The horns also have 3 lines on them as well. If you look close enough, you will see a flipped over heart that looks broken on the meddle of their helmet, even though it is obscured.


Pointy Tucks roam around the stages like the other Tucks, but they also attack with their helmet horns when in contact. Since they have horns on their helmet, it's most likely the player can hurt themselves by trying to jump on them. The good way to defeat a Pointy Tuck is by rolling towards them as they only protect their heads. If thou is playing as Cranky Kong, they can use his stick to bounce on the Pointy Tuck and defeat it.