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Diddy Kong Racing Track
Pirate lagoon.png
Location Sherbet Island
Balloon # Required 13, 20 (Silver Coin Challenge)
Transportation Hovercraft
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Pirate Lagoon is the eleventh track in Diddy Kong Racing and its remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS. It is the third track of the third world, Sherbet Island. The default, and only, vehicle for this track is the hovercraft. 13 Golden Balloons is the required total for the player to enter this course.

Track Layout

The track begins on a stretch of water just ahead of a small rock tunnel, the tunnel leads to several land patches in the water, the first of which contains several balloons. To the right of the land patches is a zipper. The land patches end at an extremely sharp U-turn, this leads the racers to more balloons and another zipper before coming to a land ramp into the castle entrance. The castle entrance contains more balloons before sharply turning to the left down a corridor. The corridor ends in a right turn back out into a cove, with zipper directly outside of the exit. The cove veers to the right through to more balloons before taking another sharp U-turn to the left. After the U-turn, the player comes to a fork; the right path leads out into open water again before looping back to the starting line, while the left has a zipper ahead of a ramp which will launch the player over a shortcut, and collect a balloon along the way, taking the player almost directly back to the starting line.

Coin Challenge Locations

Map of Pirate Lagoon silver coin locations

Like other levels, Pirate Lagoon is filled with eight coins, scattered all around the area. The coins only appear after player has beaten Bubbler the Octopus for the first time, at which point the total needed to reenter this course increases to 20 Golden Balloons.

  1. To the left of the first land ramp
  2. In the center of the U-turn
  3. To the far right on a strip of land before the castle entrance
  4. On the left in the cove outside of the castle, just before the U-turn
  5. In the middle of the U-turn
  6. The right path at the fork, in open water
  7. To the left just before the starting line, by the wall
  8. In the center of a cluster of four land ramps


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