Pinchlies are an enemy in Donkey Kong Country Returns. They are similar to Snaps, only they can't be

Snaps DKCR

Artwork of Pinchily.

killed from the top. They must be flipped over so that their bottom is showing. They can be found in almost every Beach level and in Tippy Shippy and Mast Blast. They can be killed by throwing barrels at them, or by rolling into them while their claws are up or while they are upside down. They are a much darker shade of orange than Snaps, and they are wearing a pirate scarf hat tied around his head. In Tidal Terror, many Pinchlies who fail to find shelter behind a rock or some sort of obstruction while be washed away by tidal waves. Sometimes, Pinchlies have been known to walk straight of off edges.

360px-Pinchly & Pal DKCR

Pinchly and an Unknown Pal.


  • In the Ruins level Mast Blast, there is, for a brief moment, a Pinchly shown wearing a blue captain's hat, but is crushed when Donkey Kong lands on him from a Barrel Cannon.

    This is a picture of the Pinchly with a captains hat

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