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ExitIsNearSign Perilous Passage ExitSign
Perilous passage
World(s) Cliff
Type Key Temple
Music Theme(s) Mystery of the Key
Animal Buddies None
Bonus Room(s) None
Puzzle Pieces 5
Notable Feature(s) In the level, lava will constantly rise up, demanding the Kongs to move upwards. The primates must also avoid falling platforms from above and flaming Buzzbites moving across the walls. There are also Bionic Bees, electric insects that will pursue the heroes through walls and platforms.
Enemies Encountered Buzzbites, Bionic Bees
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (2013)

Perilous Passage is the fiftieth-second level in the games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, as well as the tenth and final level in the Cliff world of Donkey Kong Island. It is the sixth secret Key Temple level in the games, and all of the sixth world's K-O-N-G Letters must be collected to unlock it.


In this level, the Kongs must constantly move upward to avoid the lava rising from below. The primates must also avoid be crushed by platforms falling from above. During most of the level, there are flaming variants of Buzzbites that will run down along the walls trying to hit and burn the heroes. The fire trail left by these enemies can also harm the Kongs. In the middle and last sections of the temple, the primates will be pursued by Bionic Bees, invincible electric insects capable of go through walls and platforms.


At the start, go right and bounce on the springy platform to reach the upper section. For most of this level, lava will be rising from below and you will need to keep moving upward to avoid get caught. As the screen scrolls, watch for the platforms above as they will fall, crushing you if you stay on the way. Jump up them until you reach a candle. Jump to the platform above the current one, followed by the upper-right platform and then the middle platform when it falls. When the rightmost platform falls next with a Puzzle Piece on the top. Jump over to get the first Puzzle Piece. Next, jump across to the left side, then back to the middle and right while avoiding the Buzzbites. When you reach the platform below the one with the banana bunch on the middle-right side, roll-jump to the left into what seems to be a monkey-ornated block. The block is actually a hidden alcove with the second Puzzle Piece inside.

Jump upward from here to reach the next section of the level. Here, you need to jump onto the rows of platforms moving from side to side above. Avoid the spikes and quickly jump up the three rows of platforms, then jump through the thin opening on the left side to make it through. You will now have to avoid two Bionic Bees as you proceed. It seems impossible to harm these enemies. Anyway, go right and jump upward, then head left on the next level before jumping upward again. On the level above the current one with the urn, there will be another monkey-ornated block in the center, next to a springy platform. Walk through the right side of the block to reveal a hidden alcove containing the third Puzzle Piece.

Bounce up to the next section, where you will deal with more platforms falling from above. This time, after a short while, two springy platforms will emerge and start moving upward with the lava flow. Jump onto the central platform when it falls, then as you move upward with the springy platforms. Bounce high between them to avoid a single Bionic Bee. Diddy Kong's rocket pack can help here by delaying your fall and avoiding the enemies. There will be more Buzzbites coming along the walls in this section too. Along the sides and middle will be small platforms you can land on along the way. After the second Buzzbite in this section, when you see the second left platform, jump on it and then into the wall to find the fourth Puzzle Piece in another hidden alcove. Following that alcove, get to the next platform on the right side above. Jump into that wall to find the fifth and final Puzzle Piece. After that, continue upward until you reach a barrel cannon at the top, and quickly shoot to a safe platform high above before the lava catches you. All that you have to do now is head right to collect the Orange Rare Orb and complete the temple.



  • Banana Coins: 10 (does not count three or more consecutive jumps on enemies)
  • Extra Life Balloons: 1 (does not count eight or more consecutive jumps on enemies)

Puzzle Pieces[]

  • 1: After the third Buzzbite, the first Puzzle Piece will be over a falling platform along the right wall.
  • 2: As soon as you see a Buzzbite running along the ceiling at the top of the screen, roll-jump towards the block with the ornate design of a monkey in the upper left corner of the first section. The block is right before the section of moving platforms with spikes. You must go into the block to reveal a secret alcove with a Puzzle Piece. Jump up to the platform above to move on.
  • 3: In the area where two Bionic Bees will chase you around, there is another block with an ornate design of a monkey on it. The block is just to the left of a springy platform. Quickly, enter the block from the right side to find a hidden alcove with a Puzzle Piece.
  • 4: In the section where you must avoid a single Bionic Bee while bouncing back and forth between two springy platforms, jump onto the second platform on the left wall after the second Buzzbite. Now quickly jump up into the wall to find a Puzzle Piece inside a secret alcove.
  • 5: Immediately after the fourth Puzzle Piece, the next platform on the right side has a similar hidden alcove containing the last Puzzle Piece.


The puzzle of Perilous Passage is of a strawberry on a light green background. When all fifty Puzzle Pieces in Cliff world are found and Thugly is defeated in the boss level Thugly's Highrise, the Cliff diorama is added to the Diorama Gallery in the Extras menu.

Time Attack Medals[]

  • Shiny Gold: 01:48.00
  • Gold: 01:49.00
  • Silver: 01:50.00
  • Bronze: 01:55.00