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Map Pear Kingdom Map
Pear Kingdom
Boss(es) Gloat-Hog
Game(s) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

The Pear Kingdom is the thirteenth kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. The kingdom is located underwater and on a tall tower. The Pear Kingdom can be accessed by completing the first 12 kingdoms, defeating the Cactus King, and collecting 25 or more Crests. The Pear Kingdom is the location of Gloat-Hog.


Deep Sea Sprint[]

Deep Sea Sprint is the first stage of the Pear Kingdom. The entire stage takes place underwater. Donkey Kong has to race three turtles to the finish line. As soon as Donkey Kong crossed the start line, the race begun. The stage has obstacles such as jellyfish. Water currents will speed Donkey Kong up if he swam into them. Donkey Kong does not have to beat the turtles to complete the stage.

Clock Tower[]

Clock Tower is the last stage of the Pear Kingdom. The stage takes place in a clock tower. Donkey Kong has to get to the top of the stage to complete it. After climbing for a while, Donkey Kong rides a Helibird to go further up the stage. Donkey Kong also encounters the Flurl the Squirrel. With Flurl, Donkey Kong glides to the next part of the stage. Donkey Kong uses two more Helibirds and flys to the top of the stage.