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Map Peach Kingdom Map
Peach Kingdom
Boss(es) Torch Tusk
Game(s) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

The Peach Kingdom is the tenth kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. The kingdom is located under a body of ice and an abandoned foundry. The Peach Kingdom can be accessed by completing the first eight kingdoms and collecting 14 or more Crests. The Peach Kingdom is the location of Torch Tusk.


Artic Plunge[]

Arctic Plunge is the first stage of the Peach Kingdom. The stage takes place underneath a body of ice which is mostly underwater. Donkey Kong had to swim to the end of the stage. At the start of the stage, Donkey Kong opened up a crack on the icy surface. Donkey Kong jumped down and swam to a tunnel. A rolling reptile guarded a tunnel to the next area. Donkey Kong defeats the rolling reptile and proceeds. In the next area, the ceiling is collapsing. Donkey swam to the right as fast as he could to avoid being crushed. Afterwards, Donkey Kong encountered a large fish. Donkey Kong hit it in its weak points and rode it for a while. At the end of the stage, Donkey Kong rode Hoofer the Wildebeest along a straight path. Donkey Kong did not need to eat the giant Peach to advance to the next area.

Ancient Foundry[]

Ancient Foundry is the final stage of the Peach Kingdom. The stage takes place in an abandoned metalworks foundry. Ancient Foundry contains lava and fire bubbles which Donkey Kong uses the lava to his advantage by using it to access otherwise unaccessable areas. A dragon aided Donkey Kong by helping him cross a portion of the stage. A Helibird carried Donkey Kong higher up with a large Zinger chasing after them. An Army is at the end of the stage.


Torch Tusk