Pauline Daniella Verducci "Lady" Louise
SMO Pauline (no mic)
Full Name Pauline Daniella Verducci "Lady" Louise
Aliases Lady Pauline
The Lady
The Beautiful Girl
Mayor Pauline
Daniella Verducci (Super Mario Bros.)
Residence Big Ape City/New Donk City of Metro Kingdom
Species Human
Gender Female
Affiliates Mario (ex-boyfriend)
Stanley the Bugman
Donkey Kong
Powers/Abilities Singing skills
Enemies Cranky Kong (Formerly)
Donkey Kong (Formerly)

Pauline Daniella Verducci "Lady" Louise is Mario's first love interest (and ex-girlfriend) and the damsel-in-distress kidnapped by the original Donkey Kong in the 1981 game of the same name. She reappeared in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! and most recently Super Mario Odyssey. It's seems Pauline still has feelings for Mario (that she continues to keep to herself and never acting on them) as she calls him her hero. When Mario possesses a Goomba (it's also wearing Mario's hat) and interacts with another Goomba wearing Pauline's hat they are clearly attracted to each other. Pauline at a point in the game wears Mario's hat and during her dancing does a move resembling Mario's Jump.